Monday, October 15, 2012

AND ...... WE'RE OFF!


That's right - well, off tomorrow that is. Tonight we are still sitting comfortably on Derek's mom's couch watching TV ---- ahhhhhhhh ----- we sure have enjoyed the comforts of homes these last few weeks.

Because we work some pretty long hours during the summer we don't see our family as much as we would like to. And so - the spring - when we return and the fall - just before we leave - we get most of our family visiting in.

Cassia and I had a lovely time with my mom, sister and brother in law on Vancouver Island last week. Since my mom lives in an independent seniors building all of our meals are cooked for us and served in the dining room.

NOT having to meal plan or cook for one week = PRICELESS!

I also spent a few hours touring downtown Victoria BY MYSELF - you just have to LOVE having Oma's and Grandma's to babysit.

While we were gone Derek had a chance to visit with his family and spend some time in his sister's garden as he did in the spring.

And so - that is what we have been up to since we left the park a short two weeks ago. And as sad as we are to leave our families we are anxiety filled happy to be on our way.

Yup - a little bit nervous over here with Derek and I. We have a bit of trouble getting going - just a small case of the jitters.

Do any of you fellow travelers get that too?

We like being ON the road and we like being OFF the road -- but the IN BETWEEN? -- not so much.

Darn but it's hard to get ourselves going again. Not to worry though, some time around Pendleton we'll be back in the groove - just in time to stop again for a week or so at our friends place in Nampa - which if you've been following for a while, you'll know that we stopped in there on the way down south last fall and on our way north last spring.

Today, we caught up on our paper work, renewing our vehicle insurance and purchasing our medical insurance. A few years ago I searched around for the best deal for medical coverage for our trip. I found that at BCAA (our provinces Automobile Association) -- this is the third year we have gone to them for our medical insurance - $867.00 for our family of 3 for 6 months.

Good, but it still hurts. This is the time when ALL our money starts going out with NONE coming in. Something to get used to.

And so - tomorrow we bid adieu to Canada for awhile. We are headed due south - first stopping to pick up a part for our solar panel (more about that later) and then down to Portland. We will then take a left heading towards The Dalles and then to Pendleton. We have done this route in its entire length or in pieces several times now. From Pendleton to Nampa. Should take us a couple of days.

So - we'll see you down the road........


TODAY'S INTERESTING LINK: We are ready to head out but I see that the Bayfield Bunch have to put the breaks on their departure for a few days. We wish Kelly the best in feeling better so that her and Al can get on the road south to their new pad at Congress. 


  1. Safe travels! We took that route from Portland to the Boise area earlier this year so it's fun that I *know* where you are headed at this point! I'm excited to read about your adventures!

    1. Portland to Boise is a GREAT ride but we ended it up not doing it this year......

      I'm going to be excited to write about our adventures - glad you are coming along Teri!

  2. I am anti-Tweener as well...the most at peace I feel is when we pull in knowing we are going to be somewhere for at least a week, preferably journey...

    1. Ten days is about the max for us in one place - here's hoping we can break trend and settle in some places for longer.

  3. So excited to follow along with you, but then that's real easy for me to say, isn't it? LOL!

  4. Hey T D and C .... Happy to hear you had a nice visit with your family. We are doing that too, as we prepare to hit the road in a couple of weeks.

    We are feeling more of the "jitters" this year as well. I guess because last year was our first year, the excitement of it all kept us going ... LOL

    Safe travels dear friends, and we will check in you as always ...

    Take care ... TnT

    1. Thanks TnT - here's to another winter together - I'm sure looking forward to the start of your travels!

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks - you too! I see you just got into the USA yourselves!


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