Monday, October 22, 2012


The many miles we covered on Tuesday and Wednesday meant that we had a short travel day on Thursday, 114 miles along I84. It is a pretty drive but VERY hilly. 

UP -- DOWN -- UP -- DOWN -- UP -- DOWN. 

Since we had a small breakfast before heading out of Baker City we stopped for lunch at the Welcome Center/Rest Area just as we entered Idaho. 

This is a VERY nice stop - picnic tables with shelters, trees, a great view, clean washrooms, and best of all ..... wifi!

Also very historic. 

 We sure do LOVE traveling during this time of year. 
Just LOOK at the colour of this tree!

Cassia couldn't resist the pile of leaves. 
Derek and I had fun throwing them at her - actually - this was Cassia's very FIRST time playing in a pile of leaves. 

Our future rock climber....

.... and walker. Cassia's up for anything - literally!

A nice view of Snake River and the surrounding farmland.

The GREAT thing about the HUGE plate of nachos from the night before was that lunch was SUPER easy! I guess I kinda caught these two in the action.

With entering Idaho we also entered the Mountain Time zone and so we moved ahead one hour. Guess well be in this time zone until the spring. 

It wasn't long before we were taking our exit off of the Interstate into the fine city of Nampa. With just one right, one left and one right we were pulling into our friends K and J's driveway. So glad to be visiting with them and their family once again. 

Lots to do while were here - installing our solar panel to our roof and getting organizers for the back area of the van. Plus great fun for Cassia with three granddaughters aged 6, 8 and 10. 


TODAY'S INTERESTING LINK: Now that we are in Idaho I want to pass on one of my favourite authors -- Robin Lee Hatcher. Her books are Christian fiction of the early history of Idaho. Robin lives close to where we are - just over in Boise. 


  1. Fall is my favorite time of year......the trees are just so pretty!

    Safe Travels......

  2. We stopped at that same rest stop in Idaho! The tress are beautiful! Enjoy your time in Nampa!


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