Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Well, if time was flying last post it has definitely flown now!

We are down to just 14 days left of our Park Facility Operator positions at Kentucky-Alleyne Provincial Park.

It's been a doozy of a summer. All in all pretty good - but a little more cold and wet then we would like.

Interestingly, so far, September has been busier than at anytime during the summer. All due to the fact that the seniors rate started the day after labour day - a drop of half of the camping rate - so now a low of $8 per night for them - and with the teacher's strike families are taking advantage of some extra camping. The warm days have contributed as well.

At the compound we are getting things packed up and put away keeping in mind that the weather could go really cold really fast.

Here's what's been going on….

Our nephew and Cas's cousin Tylar came for a quick two day visit a few weeks ago. We picked him up at the bus depot in Merritt on a Friday morning and brought him back Sunday. 

Tylar and his Uncle. Yes, it was cold enough to wear toques!

If you recall, we borrowed our friends 5th wheel for the summer. They came to pick it up it up Sept. 8th. Here is the interior all cleaned up and ready to go.

It was a very generous offer however we realized that we aren't really large RV people. Just more room to collect stuff and too expensive to heat in the cold. 

After that we turned to a few more renos on our van. Remember last summer? When our van renovations would just not come to an end!? We do! Just one project this year and a few touch ups - thankfully. This area across from the toilet has always been a complete waste of space. For the last two years we have had the plastic drawer units - ok but not great.

We've always wanted to build a shelving unit - so this is the year. Calling ourselves carpenters is a complete misuse of the word but we do ok with the two of us - small pieces of wood - a hand saw, utility knife and drill. I'll show you the completed project soon - today we picked up paint.

Well, there it is almost finished. Just look at my checks! It was hot!

Now for some pics of the park recently. Again - one of my favourite photo locations - Alleyne Lake.

With the cooler temps the colours are really coming out. If you can believe we went down to -7C last Wednesday night! Now it hovers around 0C at night.

While stopping  to talk to two of our favourite campers who were last camping last May - Bev and Leo - I took this picture and the sunset ones to follow.

Oh - and here is Bev and Leo - in their 80's and going strong! 

One of the best sunsets of the season!

The rest of the photos - this one and below - are the work of Cassia. Seems we have more than one member of the Wood Clan interested in photography. Looks like I'll have an assistant this winter!

And that is JUST a sampling!

We were only able to grow petunias this summer but they did well - amazing that they survived last weeks cold.

Derek still going strong with his e-cig! Almost a year now.

Our friends June and Chuck were nice enough to stop by with a box of apples and pears from the Okanagan! Thanks again you two - nice to see you and keep in touch!

Our really big tent - currently undergoing sorting and packing.

And well - me of course! 

So, that's it. 

Not overly exciting but things have just been going along with us.

14 days to go!

And then what - right?!

That will be up next post.

Anyone willing to wager? Stay in Canada and settle down as planned or back on the road?

What say you?



  1. We also have 14 days to go...and then it's off to South Korea for a month!


  2. My bet is you will be back on the road, at least for another year.
    Safe travels!

  3. Back on the road to warmer places this winter, maybe we will meet up at a Home Depot again!

  4. Decisions decisions decisions......I'm not going to speculate on you guys and future plans!!!

    Safe Travels irregardless!

  5. hard to believe that your 'sentence' is almost done! the summer has gone by so quickly!
    can't wait to see what the four of you have planned after your pull out of K/A park!!
    here is hoping our paths with cross next year?

  6. Great job on the shelving unit. We loved the fifth wheel but you have a point. More space more stuff more hassles. So what is the Winter travel plan? Nos avisan por favor.

  7. Safe travels, and perhaps we'll meet up on the road to somewhere :) It was nice to meet you at Kentucky Lake as a camper and not an operator ;) You can check us out by Googling lgrvforfun.


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