Monday, May 25, 2015


Going back a few weeks to my Birthday and Mother's Day - one of the reasons why it was a great day was that it was also the day of the Friends of Fintry's Spring Festival at the Fintry Estate. It took place on the Manor House lawn.

Although it was a busy weekend of campers, we took some time out to enjoy the festivities. There was music, artisans and growers, food trucks and fun stuff for kids. 

Here's the few hours we were there in pictures.

Cassia went straight to the kids area. First up, the making of blue slim.

Then the obstacle course - her first!

Lots of artisans and sellers on hand. This guy had some neat stuff.....

as did the Potter. 

I didn't take any picture of the only place we did buy something which was the plant guy - Tom. We purchased four tomato and two pepper plants from him.

Firefighter Cassia.

A great idea. The local firefighters were on hand to raise money with this set up for the kids. 

Nothing better than a bouncy castle.....

and face painting.

For the rest of afternoon Cassia was replaced by a black meowing cat.

We enjoyed listening to the bag pipers - here the are in front of the Manor House.

We finally got our chance to look around inside the Manor House. It's quite large and as you would expect. 

Except for this of course! A cave complete with a bear in Mr. Dun-Waters den.

He was an avid hunter and collector. I believe this giraffe came from the Penticton Zoo.

Britt had told Cassia there was a dear with fangs in the house so it was this guy we were here to see. Not really a deer I don't thing although maybe an ancestor. I cannot recall what the lady said it was.

Derek with Dan Bruce - a volunteer with the Friends of Fintry Society, and our contact person with the group. A super guy whom we share a passion for gardening with.

Local celebrity Mike Roberts was the MC for the festival. 
We were happy to snag a picture with him - Derek recalls watching Mike back in the 80's. He was the weatherman on Chek TV for 40 years having just retired in 2013.

My aren't we official looking....

So, in addition to being spoiled with breakfast and cake on May 10th - we also did all this.

As I mentioned - it was a great day.

Of course today is the 25th - 15 days later. The days are just rolling by. These days our park is full during the weekends but still relatively quiet during the week. With some rain and a whole lot of sun and warmth everything is growing fast. Derek has his work cut out for him with the weed whacking and mowing. 

Next post I'll show you how the grounds here at Fintry, and our gardens, are looking these days. 



  1. Sure looks like the festival was a resounding success!!!.. What a fun day for all ages!

  2. Great day indeed and very official looking except for Cassia the Cat! She is having too much fun.

  3. Always love these celebrations in campgrounds when everyone get together, good times.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Here's a cute Looney Tune you can share with tat puty tat.

    Wiki on the Musk deer: The Kashmir musk deer, which is one of seven similar species found throughout Asia, is endangered due to habitat loss and also because of poachers hunting the animal for its prized scent glands. Hum, it's always nice to have one of the last few hanging on your den walls, eh! I've never heard of this species till today, I thought you were canking my yhain :)

  6. What a fun day for Cassia!!!
    Connie in PA


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