Monday, June 1, 2015


First off, Cassia would like to thank everyone that commented on the last post - I'm 6 today!. So many thoughtful best wishes for her Birthday! She's been much too busy on her tractor to get back to the computer. 

Actually, her post was not the first time that she has taken to writing - she's been at it since she was about three months old!

For the first two years of her life, every three months or so I would send out a 'Cassia Memo' to our family and friends. I would include the latest pictures and Cassia would 'write' about her life - what she had been up to and all the things she had learned. It was a fun way to keep everyone up to date about her development. 

It's been many years now since I've done that so it was fun being Cassia again. Boy, it's tough writing as a kid - although I think I have her down pat after listening to her throughout the day. If you know Cassia, you'll know what I mean, she has no problem expressing herself verbally!

With all of our travels - and living in a park in the summer, I was actually going to start a blog or website working off of this idea. Having Cassia 'write' about her adventures. It was to be a way to teach her as well as other children based on all the experiences Cassia has - particularly while traveling. As our life style has now changed that has fallen by the wayside - I think it would have been a great thing though.

Anyway, lets get to our newest pictures!

I've been taking pictures of all the flowers in the park over the last few weeks. It's a great time of year here at Fintry because there is so much in bloom, from wildflowers to those in our garden to those over at the Manor House.

This one and the next few were taken by Derek as he, Cassia and Rufus have been hiking. Here are the lupin.

There are a lot of great things about our new home but the amount of walking areas is one of the best.

Cassia showing off a wild rose. 
We have so many here that their scent in some areas hangs in the air.

Sadly, all the lilacs are gone. Nice that Derek captured a white one up on the hill.

Once in while Cassia and I take the camera down to the Manor House to see what is in bloom. A week or so ago it was these irises.

And the Hawthorne.

These are locust blooms - they smelled amazing.

Beautiful and prolific spirea.

I had never seen a Horse Chestnut flower before!

Meanwhile - back at our place - we were happy to see that our irises, that came with the house, were purple and yellow.

And our raspberry bushes are making good progress. You would not believe how many raspberries we are going to have this year!

Cassia and I checking out the maple tree.

Derek had mentioned that the roses's were in bloom down at the Manor House so that is where we stopped this morning.

In speaking with Dan of the Friends of Fintry, the other day, we learned that these are very old roses.

And they all have a very strong scent!

Sorry, I have no idea what type they are.

See the spider?

We brought some petals home with us - which was a great idea as our dining room smelt very nice today.

Amazing - right?! We are truly blessed to live in such a beautiful place.

And on the way home! Our Marmentos!
 If you recall - last year we had one marmot at Kentucky Alleyne - we called him Marmento. There are so many marmots here we've lost count - but we call them all Marmento - particularly this guy on the left as he is closest to our house. That's his mate on the right. If you look close down below you can see junior with his head just out of their hole.

A relaxing Monday night here at Fintry. It was another busy weekend -  definitely a ramping up towards the summer holidays. We had about 85 of our 100 sites filled, plus two of the three group sites. 

Tomorrow is a town day - good thing since rain is forecasted - then we'll be spending the rest of the week getting the park ready for another busy weekend. Last Friday we had one of the hardest downpours we have seen anywhere in a while. Lots of tree seeds down and mud build up. 

By the way, our company - Kaloya Contracting Ltd. -  just launched it's new website and it looks great! If you are on facebook be sure to like them to get the latest and to see pictures of all their parks over the summer months.



  1. You are doing an amazing job. Happy belated to Cass. Most of the time my comments won't publish. Maybe this time. 😊

    1. Happens to me also! I try and remember to copy my message before I post it, that way I can simply paste it back into the reply field if all fails.

  2. The flowers are gorgeous. I think the unknown flowers might be peonies.

  3. Gotta love the spring time colors,
    Excellent photos too.
    Cassia sure is growing quickly love the updates.

  4. The blooming roses are amazing and must smell wonderful !!
    We had some more campers that came from your park last night!!

  5. I'm looking for the rhododendrons, are they not in bloom yet or you don't have them in your area?

    I didn't realize Marmots could climb fences, these appear to be just like their cousin the squirrel. I'm use to seeing the Hoary Marmots on Mt Rainier, very large silvery/grayish fur. They make loud screeches warding off threats.

  6. I don't know what's prettier, your flowers or your pictures of the flowers. There is also that to die for Manor house!

  7. Don't know how this happened but I missed this Blog when you did it. All caught up now! Norma says it is going to be hard to keep up with you in the flower department! They are beautiful!


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