Saturday, August 15, 2015


So much for my plan from last month to post only a few pictures more often...... It did sound like a good idea and really - I was committed - but somehow I wasn't able to follow through.

It's been almost two weeks now since the August long weekend and only now do I feel like I'm getting caught up. It has been a busy time - the park has been full (100 sites plus overflow) for the last 18 nights!!!! The height of summer.

Thanks to Landon, I have the tonight off from registering the campers. So - I thought I'd look through iPhoto and see what I had to share.

This is what I found.....

This pic is a few weeks old now. Miss Eagle Eyes spotted this van as it entered the park. There was no way she wasn't getting a closer look. Derek took her for a drive by while I sweet talked the campers into letting us take a picture the next day. Actually, they said it happens all the time. I bet they didn't realize what they were in for that when they rented this van from  
If these European travellers didn't know about Scooby Doo before - they sure do now!

When we were without power after the fire near us a few weeks back we ended up altering our town day from Tuesday to Thursday. The switch finally gave us the chance to check out the Vernon Farmer's Market. 

It's been awhile since we've been to one so we were a little rusty - plus it is huge - a bit overwhelming. We were glad we went as we picked up a ton of fruit but we probably won't return for a while. It's bit much for us to take on in addition to the rest of our errands.

Cassia with her find - thankfully it was naturally flavoured and no - she didn't eat the whole thing.

And now back to our garden. We continue to be trilled with it each day. Our sunflowers really took off in the back garden. To the left are our two tomato plants - lying down! 

We're going to turn into tomatoes ourselves at this rate. Looks like I'll get my chance to try some canning.

They're all gone now but I don't think I've had a chance to show you our corn. In total we had about 12 ears - a good first attempt at growing corn. We are definitely going to increase that for next year.

Sadly, our largest pumpkin that was growing outside of the fence fell victim to a deer. 

Cassia took a picture of our cucumber today.

And the sunflowers in our lettuce/spinach/beet/kale garden. These are the ones that were dropped by birds that we decided to let grow. They look great out the window but are a bit much to traverse while harvesting.

The rose bush we showed you in the spring in the front garden is still going strong. 
Last week one of the blooms had a visitor! 

Our days are always interesting here at the Park. Last week our employees - Avalon and Landon - found this baby Osprey down on the beach.  They brought it up to the cliffs surrounding the park to keep it away from the campground. A day later he showed up on our main road. Derek, Cassia and I headed down to see if we could help him. 

Since he made it into the field we figured we'd let him figure out how to fly on his own. It seems that he left his nest a little unprepared....
We brought him water in case he needed it. 

We did call the Birds of Prey Center but they prefer to let nature take it's course.

Landon and Avalon took him back up and we haven't seen him since. We are thinking the best. 

A nice little message was left in our comment box. 

 We get lots of families at the Park which is nice to see. I love that we can be part of a person's childhood and the camping memories they will one day look back upon.

Last night we had a severe thunderstorm warning but it totally passed us by. Good thing too as they were calling for hail. 

We've been bear free this year at Fintry - as far as we know - until today. I guess our crab apples were  just a bit too tempting. Derek was sent in to take the pictures as Cassia and I stayed by the back door! 

He was BIG - but managed to get himself around the dense bush. 
This was as close as Derek dared go ......

Sadly, the only other news to report are all the fires currently burning in our area. Over the last few days one of our Parks, within our Contractor's bundle - Kettle River Provincial Park burned. We don't know the extent at the moment but the operators and campers had to leave on foot. This park is within the area of Rock Creek wildfire which is un-contained and 2,500+ hectares in size.

All for now.......



  1. Nice that you were able to get to the market and enjoy a busy summer there.

  2. Sad about the fires. Let's hope you are spared.

  3. Leave by scary, more so to me than even a bear which totally scares me too. Our summer winding down some and love the families too. Hard to keep up with the fun past times creating, cooking, etc. but tell myself got all winter :) Sunflowers, oh, love sunflowers!

  4. Leave by scary, more so to me than even a bear which totally scares me too. Our summer winding down some and love the families too. Hard to keep up with the fun past times creating, cooking, etc. but tell myself got all winter :) Sunflowers, oh, love sunflowers!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Your corn and tomatos looked awesome!

  7. Great story! The letter in the comment box is a keeper! It's quite sad to have all these fires and the damaga is enormous. We wish for more rain, so uour firefighting heroes can take a break.

  8. Nice, the tomatoes look perfect; slice, place on bread with mayo, add ground black pepper and a dash of salt :)

    The Osprey is beautiful, this raptor eats mostly fish and your bird is absolutely stunning! Ah, the bear, he has a place but is a bit close for my comfort. The fires (good and bad) will displace allot of animals, over 10 square miles burned.

    I had a great horned owl in my back yard last week, it's another beautiful raptor. It was most likely looking for the young wabbit in the backyard yesterday eating my flowers.

    Oh the deer, we all love deer but they eat food out of our gardens and flower beds, fatten them up for fall harvest and get your pumpkin back! Venison, mixed with pork is the best sausage ever... I don't hunt, but I'd be tempted living in all that forest. Julie Andrews sings about our favorite doe, the doe from the Sound of Music If you can find the Sound of Music play locally, it would be truly memorable for Cassia.

    Is Mexico calling, are you guys able to stay in Fintry through the winter or is it too cold for your blood?

    Good hearing from you!

  9. Nice recap as always... Hard to believe that've are all on the downhill side of summer!!.. The time has gone by so quickly!!

  10. Wow, your garden is doing amazing! It's lovely having all those fresh veggies.

    Yep, that bear looks big, glad you got to see him from a distance.

    Sad to hear about Kettle Creek. Our second month ever on the road and we stopped by there for a hike. It was closed at that time of year but we were able to park at the front gate and walk in, it looked like a nice park. So sad to hear that the fire got to it and the RV's that were there, just glad nobody was killed or injured because of it.

  11. All the greenery looks looks beautiful. Especially the sunflowers. And the wild animals - Illl miss the deer, but we do have bunnies. HOT here though - very hot, but not humid. Except for the storms that blow through every now and then. Last one took down a bunch of telephone poles not far from us. Lots without electricity -in the heat.

  12. Looks like you guys are having a great summer and garden, very nice!

  13. Always love and enjoy your pictures and writings - enjoy the end of summer!
    Connie in DE


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