Wednesday, July 3, 2013


With so much time away from the internet and our blog we had forgotten how fun it is to post here.

This trip into town we decided to show you a bit more of our park. Derek and Cassia took a drive up to Snake Hill which offers a spectacular view of our park and the surrounding landscape.

I'm not showing Derek on the mower - again - this is the only picture we have right now of our nicely completed trellis on our deck. We decided it was a necessity since many campers thought that our house door was the office door. 

Since our park sits in a bowl there is a look out from what is fondly called Snake Hill to the west of the park. During the weekend Derek, Cassia and Rufus took the Gator (aka Betsy) for a look.

A beautiful walk through the grass and wild flowers to the view point.

A GREAT view of the park and the North Saskatchewan River in the background.

Although it is hard to tell we have over 100 campsites at the park and had almost a full house for the long weekend. There was a Country/Gospel Jamboree and a wedding.

Looking towards the Gold Course and Vermillion River which borders the east of the park.

Our vantage point for the wedding. Derek and I provided traffic control during the ceremony so we were unofficial guests for the vows. After so much rain in the last month is was nice that we had a sunny and hot weekend.

Cassia, first deciding that she wanted to draw on herself and then wanting to wear Derek's cowboy hat and ride her horsey - aka a stick.

We were treated to this double rainbow a few weeks ago - I forgot to include it in the last post.

And - Derek was surprised to see that I hadn't included a picture of Cassia at the playground last post - so here it is - we spend A LOT of time here.

We spent last Thursday and Friday seeing - and more importantly - listening - to the jets using our area as a training ground. Here's a look - turn the volume up to the fullest and then think x10 and that is how loud it was for us!

All continues to be well at the park! Our weather has turned to hot which has as many challenges as cold but we much prefer the clear and sunny skies. 

Until next time.......


Today's Interesting Link: I'm just sitting here trying to find a strawberry rhubarb pie recipe - one of the things I want to take on in the next few days. It's pretty tough going since we have already gone shopping and I don't want to go all the way back for tapioca. Looks like I'll give this one a go from Magnolia Bakery.


  1. So glad you guys are doing well. The area there looks beautiful. We have our really big weekend coming up on the August long weekend, apparently it is totally nuts here, the beach is suppose to be wall-to-wall people and the nights, I 'm not looking forward too , as there will be lots of drinking going on. I am sure we will make it through it but I am not looking forward to it. BTW a very Happy Belated Birthday to Cassie. Take care guys, I am sure we will see you in the future.


  2. It's been a while since I've checked in. Cassia is growing like crazy. Well, it seems that way to me anyway.
    Hope you're enjoying your summer. There's no lack of hot weather, that's for sure!

  3. Nice to see that you are still keeping busy and blogging when you can, enjoy the summer.

  4. Wow, what's the greenery place to visit. every one picture is fantastic and has a open area. but rainbow looking just amazing and delightful.
    awesome post.

  5. Cool shots, Indeed! travel experience narrated beautifully.
    nice post.

  6. Looks like a nice area, but could do without the jets overhead!! Ran into similar situation here in Custer recently----a whole bunch of MIG like fighters flew thru one morning about 4am......think they did a low fly-by of Crazy Horse....

    Safe Travels..........


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