Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I guess you have all given up on us by now - right?!

Nope - no internet for the Wood Clan this summer - imagine that! Except for when we come into the BIG CITY for groceries. A bit of travel deja vu as we sit here in the Home Depot parking lot to hook up to wifi and quickly get this post out after an afternoon of shopping and errand running. Most times when we come in we are tired enough from all the things we need to do to spend much time on the internet.

Thanks to all of you who have written and are missing us - we are touched! 

For all of you we finally felt enough guilt to gather some pictures together and put this post together. Can I type any faster? Probably not.

As you know we arrived back into Canada still in the midst of a very long winter - not surprising since we had to travel through it to get back. 

So - here is how our life has been - 2 MONTHS LATER!

Our little cabin and office at Jubilee Regional Park the evening we arrived - around 6:00 pm April 18th, 2013. 

April I say?! Yup - April - brrrrrr - and we try to tell people that there is more to Canada than snow and ice - where's our igloo?!

Derek has his work cut out for him for the first few days.

But the snow did melt - jump ahead a few weeks - Cassia and I are back from the Island and the temperatures finally warmed up by early May. Although some snow remained we were open for camping business by May 1st. Campers - no not for a few more weeks.

Lots of time for us to get things looking good. Here's me on the gator. At least we have lots of equipment to get the jobs done. 

In behind our campground is the Lea Park Golf Course. Due to flooding they were not able to open until the May long weekend. This gave us time to walk the course in the evenings - having it all to ourselves. Sure is nice to see the trees greening up - and the lawn too of course.

In fact, one night we were treated to a - very bumpy and slippery ride - with Clydesdale horses. Alan Brown, a local horse trainer took us along as he aerated the grass to help remove the mud that has washed up onto the course.

Me - Derek - Grass Cutter. 

Ahhhh - you just have to LOVE this northern Alberta climate! Much different for us than the two previous summers in the hot and dry interior British Columbia conditions. What is this you ask?! Hail - good ol' prairie hail. This was enjoyed by the campers during the May long weekend. And - just after we planted our flowers - happy to report that they survived.

Me - Derek - weed whacker.

We are in horsey land! One Sunday a trail ride left from the park to raise money for Cancer. We were happy to be invited to the delicious dinner afterward.

This is how Cassia is doing. On May 28th we celebrated her 4th Birthday - lots of balloons, dinosaurs and Thomas and friends. And a butterfly cake made by mom and dad. Does she love the playground at the park or does she love the playground at our park!

Or she's just as happy to practice her lawn mowing skills. Start them young we say!

Through a little bit of research and a local lady with the name of Gloria we found the source for free roam eggs not more than a few minutes drive from the park. Happy about that!

And most importantly we survived the Lea Park Rodeo. From the minute we took up our posts everyone has stopped by to tell (scare) us with their craziest Lea Park Rodeo story. It was busy to be sure but all turned out well with the presence of the RCMP and private security team. Can you say 'crash' come Monday morning?! 

Now back to some serious work. Taking a break from moving some very old picnic tables to the burn pile.

Oh - and by the way - a look at the entry to our park. 

And so we are happy and doing well as Cassia shows during a recent visit down to the Vermillion River that borders the park. 

So - there you go - we are working and well - not working. Enjoying being in one place for a bit of time - but of course looking forward to getting back on the road in a mere four months! We'll be back to full-time blogging then. In the mean time I'll try to get something up once in a while - no promises though......

Is life without internet even possible these days? 

Yup - it is and actually we are quite enjoying being unplugged.

And by the way we don't have cable or satellite either! What's going on in the world? Who knows!

We have however pretty much cleared out the $5 movie bin at Walmart. If you need a movie - check with us first - we probably have it!!!!

The Wood Clan wishes you a wonderfully hot summer season! For those of you with sunny weather right now send some sun our way - PLEASE!


TODAY'S INTERESTING LINK: Well, isn't this a tough one for this post - the only links I've been using today are gmail, facebook and the weather channel! So, the best I can do is to link to our park - if you missed it from previous posts - this is where we are for the summer - Jubilee Regional Park.


  1. Glad to hear things are going well. Not sure when you will read this; but we are also in the area, (Lloydminster)for awhile. Roy is having some heart issues and we came back to have that dealt with. If I make it up to Elk Point I will stop in on the way by and say HI.

  2. so glad to hear all is well, been wondering.

  3. Nice to see that all is good and everyone is having fun there. Enjoy your summer there and keep in touch.

  4. It is beautiful there and sounds like you all are enjoying it! I miss reading about your days but know you are probably enjoying the "no connectivity"!

  5. We can honor your request to send heat, but mosquitoes will be included at no extra charge..

  6. O-M-G!!!!!!!! They are alive!!! When are you revealing your winter plans??? Think I will be in Quartzsite, AZ this winter, workamping with my base camp being the desert BLM lands.....

  7. I was going to give you "heck" for not checking in with all of us, until I realized I haven't updated our blog for a couple of months either ... LOL.

    Glad to hear life is treating the Wood clan very well, and that you are enjoying life without the distractions of TV and Internet.

    Enjoy your summer, and take care ... TnT


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