Thursday, April 25, 2013


Oops! Sorry for leaving you hanging like that - just as we were heading back into Canada through snowstorm after snowstorm. A crazy spring - right?!

Well, we made it! We drove right through Montana last Wednesday and Alberta on Thursday to arrive in Marwayne at 5:01pm - just enough time to head out to our new home  - a cabin - set within Jubilee Regional Park.

L O T S of snow! A winter wonderland to be sure. We have great pics but they will have to wait.

We don't have wifi there - no internet at all at the moment - so I couldn't post our pictures of the rest of the trip up - hopefully I'll be able to do that at some point but - when - is a mystery. We called the local internet provider but found out that because we are in a bowl - landscape wise - we can't reach a tower. Some research is definitely needed - or $1,300 for a new tower! Yikes!

Following three days of enjoying our new place and being out of the van, Cassia and I flew to Vancouver Island - to Victoria - to visit with my mom and sister. Ahhh - an escape from the cold to very pleasant spring temperatures here on the West Coast.

I've posted about this trip the two of us take each spring and fall a few times - which is good because I can just link them here. When visiting my mom I use a computer in their building and so I am not able to post pictures - just words.

Victoria is a beautiful city and fun to walk the streets downtown. Today, I enjoyed my solo visit there as Cassia and my mom spent the afternoon together. I took a ton of pictures to show you during my visit last April so you can see them there.

So - here is how it is for us here in Victoria our visit from September 2011 - Island Vacation - and from April 2012 - Cassia and I go to Victoria.

I can't say when we'll be back to the blog ......... ahhhh nothing like living out in the middle of not much - but our park is in a very beautiful and tranquil location - it should be a GREAT summer (as long as it is dry and there are hardly any mosquitos!)

We also have a VERY exciting plan for next winter so I'll have to get back to let you in on that!


TODAY'S INTERESTING LINK: Well, that sure isn't very nice of me to leave you hanging - again! Ok - here is a hint on where we are headed next fall - this is one road we definitely plan to take! We're SO excited we want to leave now!


  1. Welcome back to cold, expensive Canada.
    Hope the weather works of for you in the park this summer.

  2. Hope you get the signal figured out...I'll be lost without you :O( Can't wait to hear what's up next. You came to mind the other afternoon while I pecked away on this keyboard at my 9-5 waiting for our house to sell...gosh they had such a cool Mexico journey and what a fun story that was to follow. Hope mine are that good one day!

  3. Glad to hear you made it - been wondering. We are home too - and so much to do around here.

  4. Oh there you are !! We have been keeping ours eyes open for ya !!

    That is fantastic that you are back in Canada, and visiting family.

    We sure hope you get some kind of internet hook up ...

    Today was a sad day for us, as we watched our motor home drive away with new owners.

    Nice couple from Moose Jaw, and they are very excited, so that helps.

    Not sure what our next step is, but we will take our time.

    Wishing you a wonderful spring and summer ... take care ... TnT

  5. Glad you all made it home safely, looking forward to hearing more about your winter wonderland. I'll bet Rufus is right at home.

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