Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Realizing that there was plenty to keep us busy for the day in Thermopolis, we decided Monday morning to stay for a second night. We were  p r e t t y  comfortable with our huge room and two double beds at the Days Inn - let me tell you! The continental breakfast and guest laundry didn't hurt either.

Our first stop was the Wyoming Dinosaur Center.

With two dinosaur fans in the Wood Clan - it was not to be missed.

We decided to walk there from the hotel which was a bit more to take on then we realized. Good thing we dressed for the weather. 

All we had to do from one point was to follow the tracks. Cassia LOVED that of course - here she is comparing her feet to the dinosaurs. Oh - and here is a look at her NEW boots that we did find at Clothes Pony in Ft. Collins.

A very impressive display of fossils upon entry.

Supersaurus vivianae!! Huge at 160 feet long almost one of the longest.

Another view of super vivanae - beside Derek - unfortunately there are a lot of lights in the center.

Cassia was way more interested in riding the dinosaurs then looking at them.

A viewing room.

Fun in the gift shop with mom holding a dinosaur puppet.

Although touted as the #1 Dinosaur Museum in the USA we weren't overly impressed. It is good but not so great - worth a stop if you are going by but not if it's a detour. Cassia is still to young for this kind of museum we soon realized as the skeletons scared her more then anything - guess she needed the skin on them .

Leaving the center we headed back to the Hot Springs State Park - another cool walk along the river. I so wish it had been warmer - the walk is very nice - great with all the colours of the hills in the background and willow and grasses in the foreground.

Along the path beside our hotel is an outlet for the mineral water. Not sure why there wouldn't be a ton of ducks hanging around here - that's where we'd be!

Our first stop was to get a closer look at this mineral fountain.

Amazing to see how it looked when it was first built.

Following some time on the playground, we walked over to the Bath House.

It is hard to believe that entry into a hot spring is free - right?! It is because of a treaty that was signed in 1896 with the Shoshone and Arapaho Indians giving the public free access. Nice.

We didn't go in to soak right away - instead we took a tour - you know - a way to get REALLY cold before the heat.

There is an elevated walkway around the pools.

Interesting way to advertise the hot springs - you can actually see it from the other side of town.

We watched this guy land - VERY smart Canadian Goose! His friends headed to the grass - don't know what they were missing I guess. 

Our next stop was the Swinging Bridge.

Me?! I did go across but I am not much of a fan of suspension bridges - especially when someone I know makes it move even more.

The bridge offers a good vantage point of the springs as they fall into the river.

We then stopped in at the Big Spring - the heart of the mineral pools. This is where the water comes up through the ground at 127F. HOT!

Twenty seven different minerals.

Our hands were so cold by this point that we all took turns warming them up in the water - it didn't take long.

The algae and such in the water.

By this time we more then ready to try out the hot spring. The change rooms were very nice - clean and well kept - and warm! 

There is a person on duty to remind you (and ensure I imagine) that you can only stay in for 20 minutes. You have a choice between and indoor and an outdoor pool - we chose the outdoor of course.

It is pretty hot also - 104F. Twenty minutes is all you need - Derek even left a few minutes early. By the time Cassia and I made it back to the change room I had to sit down for a bit also - it really makes you feel weird - out of breath and weak.

We enjoyed hanging around the hotel for the rest of the day - internet and TV time.

Today we had a leisurely morning not leaving Thermopolis until 10:30am - just before our 11:00am check out time. We had a GREAT stay at the Days Inn and highly recommend it - the staff was friendly and nice enough to reduce our room rate to $76/night and the rooms were very clean.

Tonight we are Billings MT - I'll post the photos from our trip up as soon as I can. Once we leave here in the morning I'm not sure when we will have internet again since our next stop is Marwayne, Alberta - our home for the summer. We'll need to figure out the internet when we arrive.

Tomorrow is BORDER DAY! It's been a long time Canada - it will be good to see you again!


TODAY'S INTERESTING LINK: We were speaking with a brother and sister during our breakfast this morning. They had visited the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Cody yesterday and said it was a 'must see'. Sadly, we won't be able to make it there this year - maybe one day. Have you been?


  1. The hot springs look awesome, so nice that you were able to warm up in that colder climate.

  2. Glad to see you had such a great trip heading towards home. We are holing up in Tucumcari, NM because of sever weather to the east of us. don't need to be driving through tornado weather.

  3. You are seriously going to Marwayne, Alberta for the summer? Where are you going to be working there? I lived close by for years in a town called Elk Point. One of my late husbands aunts lives in Marwayne. She is a little eccentric; but fun. A cousin of my late husband used to work in the bank there, not sure if she still does or is retired now. Her first name is Arlys, so if you happen to meet her this summer say HI to her from Brenda in Mexico.

  4. Oh yes, make sure you take a tour of the Windsor Salt plant in Lindbergh which is also close to Marwayne.
    Lots of lovely lakes around there.
    I have tons of in law relatives in that area.
    Also go to Long Lake/Kehiwan Lake on the way to Bonnyville as well as all the lakes close to Marwayne.
    Lovely area in the summer.
    Go to the rodeo at Lee Park at the beginning of June. There is camping there, golf course, as well as some old machinery. One of the things there is the original old log cabin of an uncle of my late husbands. We had put a plaque on the door of the cabin to commemorate it.


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