Wednesday, April 10, 2013


In addition to things like neat towns and local micro brew - Derek and I will stop - or detour - for hot springs. And if this week wasn't THE best time to do that I don't known when it would be. With a snow storm and very cold temperatures eminent for this week, Derek started searching for a respite late last week. 

He found Indian Hot Springs - with a hotel!! It actually has an RV Park as well but it was going to be much to cold to stay in the van.

The springs have quite the interesting history. Being discovered by the Indians it became an actual bath house in 1863. The hotel and pool was built in 1911 with an extensive renovation in 1924. The hotel register contains a diversity of names including: Frank and Jesse James, the Vanderbilts and the Roosevelts.

It didn't take us long upon arrival to find the pool. Hot but not really hot.

This picture was actually taken the next day - you can see how the temperature drop creates the steam. It is sure a teeth chatterer getting from the pool back to the change room!

And then look what appeared as forecasted Tuesday morning - quite the change from the first picture. 

Being at a hotel - having a cold van - and a little down on groceries - we walked to downtown for dinner. Good thing it wasn't any further than a few blocks - again - what a change from the day before.

This cold thing is still pretty new to Cassia - these are the coldest temperatures she has ever experienced - not to keen on snowball fights now, eh little one!?

But it IS pretty.

Not much more to show unless you wanted to see us lounging around the hotel room for a couple of days. We have really moved in! 

Today was much better - still cold but at least the snow has stopped and the sun came out. Cassia took the opportunity to build a snowman.

Twice we've gone to the hot spring pool at night - we just returned from tonights visit. 

Our favourite spot - where the hot water enters the pool.

 We would recommend Indian Hot Springs although it is showing it's age - it could use some updating. The prices also seem a bit steep for what you get but it sure has been a haven for us this week.

Although we have enjoyed our time here we are once again restless and happy to be back on the road tomorrow. Hitting the border is in sight and we were happy to find out this evening that we can move into our new home when we arrive - even with quite a bit of snow. Here's hoping for a warm end of the month.

Oh and by the way - this evening we stopped in at Canyon Trading here in Idaho Springs. We were in desperate need of some gloves. It is a really great store and we were thrilled with our drastically reduced gloves for us $5! and a toque, scarf and mitten set for Cassia at a steal of $10 - really cute - light and dark pink and green - I'm sure you'll see them in a future post. The Owner really treated us well! Another great reason to visit Idaho Springs! 

Tomorrow we are off to Boulder - it promises to be another neat town!


TODAY'S INTERESTING LINK: Derek suggested that I provide the link to the word Tommyknockers which is the name of the brewery in Idaho Springs. Neither of us had heard the term before - pretty interesting.


  1. Doing you best to keep warm I see.
    Good ;lck with a smooth border crossing.

  2. Poor Cassia! "Can we please go back to Mexico, Mom?"

  3. The hotel register has our names too! It was in need of updating 15 years ago! But that warm/hot water is divine!

  4. Your a trio of crazy snow birds!

    Have you seen any canadian geese flying overhead into the north, that would be your 1st sign to go north and the next sign is when you get the monkey butt, sounds like you may have the second sign.

    This stuff is great for long rides and relieves the you know what...Monkey Butt!

    You may as well prep yourselves for the chill, let's hope you hear good news from the storage place looking for help back in I.S. :)

    The grace of Christ be with you all!

    1. We HAVE seen Canadian Geese! There are some here in Thermopolis - the SMART geese who stop into the hot ponds before they continue. They must be as frustrated about all this snow as we are!

  5. You made us laugh out loud with the photo of a very unhappy Cassia not wanting to partake in a snowball fight ... LOL !!

    The weather continues to be miserable here in Sask. It is supposed to snow all weekend. We are concerned for flooding !!

    Stay warm guys !!

    Safe travels ... TnT

    1. WAY overdo for Spring - sheesh! At least you are warm in your condo! Ahhhhh


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