Friday, February 21, 2014


So, with Tuesday morning and a stop for gas in Yucca Valley, we were on our way. 

Coastal California - here we come!

Our route - the blue line - 3 hours and 25 mins. We could have taken the grey line - a much shorter drive time - but really? With all that traffic? No thanks.

First, we had to climb our way out of the Yucca Valley. Nice rocks and houses along the way.

A nice easy road along the 247 at this point. Obviously a cut through road - lots of RVs - many from BC and semis.

Jumping ahead - we are now on the 14 headed south towards Santa Clarita. DOWN.

The neat rock formation at the Vasquez Rocks - Derek mentioned that they shot Star Trek scenes here.

After making our way through Santa Clarita we were on the 126. 

Not a great picture but showing you orange trees. If oranges can grow - we are in the right spot!

Sorry to skip so fast along on you - we didn't stop much. The beach was our destination. As we entered into Ventura I directed Derek to the marina. As we pulled in - we jumped out and headed straight for the beach - ahhhh can you smell the salt air?

We strolled along the Harbour Village.

Sea lions!

Later, on our way over to Lowe's we drove by a TJ's - well, of course we had to stop. By the way - we finally found the fermented garlic that we had sampled a few TJ's ago. All the others were sold out. We tried them in a stir fry for dinner - very good!

Following a successful urban boondocking night in Ventura we headed out the next morning.

Just a windshield tour of Ventura - we decided not to stop.

The downtown looked nice - probably worth a stop. For us - we just wanted out of the busy city - we knew there were smaller towns up the way and that was where we were headed.

The 101 north of Ventura.

Yaaaaa the Wood Clan was finally on the California Coast. We have a lot of time so we are going to take it really slow. We are now north of Ventura but not far and it is Friday - we are having a great time!

Sorry for so few pictures along the way - it was a long trying day with so many roads to travel and hot. We moved fast from town to town. We were going to stop in Fillmore but did a quick tour without pictures. Cassia was asleep and we decided not to stop until the beach.

In the end, Ventura wasn't a place to spend much time - just a little too busy for us - we kept getting ourselves turned around. 

But we did find the place for us in the town of Carpinteria! Those pics next post.


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  1. Finally you are now on the coast with lots of time, don't hurry north too soon.
    Travel safe and have fun!

  2. Don't forget to stop and introduce Cassia to Paul Bunyan and Babe The Blue Ox.

  3. Also stayed on the beach at Ventura twice in the past year. Actually at Rincon Beach. A bit expensive for parking on the roadway though.


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