Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Here we are!!!


Well, with all the getting to the Park and getting things going we've been only a bit busy.

With the park open and the first long weekend behind us we feel like we can now settle into a regular schedule. 

But I still have to show you our trip up from Chilliwack to Kentucky Alleyne Provincial Park a few weeks ago. Sorry I don't have time to show you on a map - but rather than going the quick - but steep - route straight to the park we took the longer but more scenic route through Lytton and Spences Bridge and then over to Merritt.

We got a late start on Monday - probably wasn't until about 3:00 pm when we began our trek east. Probably a good thing - it was a quiet ride. Here's our turn to go north.

Lots of tunnels on the way up. 

And a coyote! Nice of him to look back and pose for us! 

We swung down into Lytton recalling all of our weekly trips here while we worked at Skihist and Goldpan Provincial Parks for two summers. We also needed gas - there is one at the highway but we know that the cheaper price is at the Native gas station on the other side of town. Worth the detour.

We pulled off a Skihist for old time sake - it was before May 1 so the park wasn't open yet. 

It was also about 5:00 pm so the four of us just took a short walk.

We continued along the #1 - a beautiful drive along the Thompson River. 

Always fun driving under the train - too bad Cassia had fallen a sleep by this point.

At Spences Bridge we head east. It is one of our favourite spots - too bad the town is too small to live in. 

One of our favourite points along the drive from Spences Bridge to Merritt. 

Since we knew we couldn't make it up to our Park - plus go shopping - we pulled off for the night at a recreation site just west of Merritt. 

Nice little campground by the river.

The next day after stopping in Merritt for groceries we continued to the park. Much different terrain now - right?!

We are going UP! There is a huge elevation gain in the half hour drive from Merritt to the Park - about a 1,500 ft. 

Which is why we can still see snow! Yikes!

Now a right off the highway….

The little community of Aspen Grove.

A few minutes later we turn onto the road leading to the park. We are 6 ams in which is nice for keeping the park quiet.

It is spring isn't it?! More like late winter up here at 3,400 ft.

Because we didn't have a key for our compound we chose a site to camp at until our boss came.

We arrived on Tuesday and had great - read HOT - temps until Friday. We spent a lot of time at the lake. 

And hiking the 4km trail around Kentucky Lake.

Cassia and Derek had fun getting themselves stuck. This isn't sand - it's ground up marine life - more like quick sand. 

And then this happened. Yup - spring in Canada! We got into the compound on Friday and woke to this on Sunday morning. Ouch!

It didn't stop us from getting out however, and it was melted by the afternoon.

Instead of a cake for the three of us we settled on strawberry cupcakes for my 44th Birthday on May 10th. A big weekend for me with my birthday on Saturday and Mother's Day on Sunday.

Prior to the park opening - while we were busy getting it cleaned up - we had a few visitors.

This guy set himself up right by our compound - the more Rufus barked the closer he came. 

A bit nerve racking since Derek was off in the park cleaning. He eventually moved on though.

I'll put more photos up over the summer - this was just a quick run through our first few weeks of May. The park opened last week and started off with a bang with the long weekend. By Friday afternoon all 58 sites were full.

Among the campers was this couple - Sue and Doug - and their dog Tucker. New great friends. You can find them over at BIGDAWG AND FREEWAY. Sue and Doug have been camping at K-A for years - we were happy that they joined us for the weekend - we had a great time visiting with them! Thanks again you two for the water and more than delicious pumpkin loaf Sue!

We'll that's it for me for now!

Although it's nice to have wifi and electricity at the library it is hard to get a post up with all the other errands we have to do in town with only coming in once a week. 

Next time I'll post some more pictures of the park and surrounding area….

And Cassia's Birthday which is just around the corner now. She turns five (five??????!!!!!!) on May 28th. 



  1. It snows in Canada in the springtime??? LOLOLOLOL.....I knew you guys would make it there. Don't really care for the closeness of that bear though.....must have smelled those yummy cupcakes!!

  2. it was great to meet the three or rather four of you! one day our paths will cross again!!
    glad you enjoyed the pumpkin loaf!..hope you make good use of the 'dishcloths'..don't save them for
    a special occasion!

  3. Happy belated Birthday Teresa! 44! Still just a kid! And Cassia will be FIVE! She is growing so fast! Be sure to post a photo on her birthday.

  4. Happy belated....been slaving with this new gig! Sure we'll be heading to the woods soon...not sure we are fitting in here! LONG story...going to see how the holiday weekend goes and decide, staying mum. Aren't you supposed to tell us what's going to happen this Fall! Glad you can post on occasion....I'd miss you too much. You are my happy sunshine...especially these days! Loved the tiny snowman, the dad/Cassia shot, and the whole surroundings, minus the bear. Be careful!

  5. Well now, happy belated birthday.
    44? I certainly thought you were much, much younger. Enjoy your new spot.

  6. Happy birthday late, Teresa! And happy birthday early, to dear Cassia! So happy that you finally got a chance to update your blog. We in PA were wondering what you were all up to. Wow, those bear photos - scary but neat! We were once walking in our woods at our cabin when I glanced off to the right and saw a bear clawing a tree. Man, I turned to hubby and said DON'T TALK AND CAN WE WALK FASTER PLEASE!!!!! Love your blog! Take care!


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