Tuesday, June 17, 2014


A mix of pictures for you all today. You wouldn't believe how happy we are to be in town today following a very cold and wet week - grrrrrr. But - let's not dwell on that - we checked the forecast first thing when we arrived this morning and it looks like the grey is behind us for now with nothing but blue skies and hot temperatures ahead.

With all the rain the park hasn't been too busy but busy enough - Derek and I are endlessly fascinated by the fact that many people are happy to camp - even tent it - in the rain. Better to fish in I guess.

Here's what I have for you today (from my comfy easy chair at the library.)

Last Monday we headed east over to the Kelowna/Westbank area. To do so we take what is called the connector - actually it is highway 97c. It was a grey day and we had our pay cheques to deposit so we made the trip. It takes about an hour. 

Although it doesn't take long it is quite the trip. From our park at 3,400 feet we have to make our way up to almost 6,000 feet and then down again to 1,100 feet. The weather always seems to improve on the other side - as you can see with the now blue sky.

Along the way we pass the Brenda Mine - we were discussing how interesting the shadows of the clouds are on the large grass 'wall'. 

This brake ramp always gives me a sore stomach - I couldn't imagine having to ever use it and having to go so high on such a steep angle! 

So - imagine our surprise on our return trip. As we passed by we saw three police cars parked on the shoulder - which seemed odd since there were no police in their vehicles. At this point we didn't' realize we were at the ramp. With interest Derek looked in his rear view mirror - I did the same. And what did we see! A semi jack knifed at the very top!!!!! Crazy! We've never actually seen one of these ramps in use!

The 97c comes out just south of Kelowna/Westbank in the Okanagan. It is a very beautiful area - not totally obvious from this picture though. I had to take it from the passenger window which never really works very well. Hopefully we will get down to Peachland, Summerland and Penticton at some point this summer. I'll show you more of this area then.

I neglected to mention that during our first visit to Kelowna a few weeks ago we finally visited our first craft brewery in Canada! Tree Brewing Co. 

Since it was early in the day we decided to just share a small flight - it was the first time we tried their beer.

We sure enjoyed their Raspberry Porter and took some home in our snappy stainless steel growler that we purchased in Brookings Oregon.

Even though we left the park on Monday we still came into Merritt on Tuesday - we didn't want to forgo our pool and library visit. This picture is a bit old - from more then a month ago - but it shows Merritt as we enter it from a rather steep hill to the south. It is nicely situated in the valley.

Last week, Derek took some photos for me……the Library…..

and the Aquatic Center. This is the third summer that Merritt has been our go to town for groceries and such. From Skihist Provincial Park it took us about one hour and fifteen minutes - thankfully from Kentucky Alleyne that has been shortened to thirty minutes. Although a little rough around the edges we have really started to like it - of course we really enjoy the pool and library - but it also has good grocery stores and other shops. Hmmmm…...

We also stopped by the Baillie House - an historic residence beside the Merritt Visitor Information.

Ice cream for Cassia for $1 was hard to resist. I'm surprised that I have been able to get a tan with all the cloudy weather we've been having.

Beautiful flowers in their garden. 

Cassia has been busy at the park - Derek and her went fishing in the Children's pond last week while I was registering our campers. Nope - they didn't catch anything - yet.

And - she's been working on her Birthday Thank you notes - practicing her letters at the same time. 

So - that's it for today.

Thanks for checkin' in with us! 

I'm off to find some books…….



  1. A beautiful area to be sure!!! I know what that "hmmmmmm" means too!!

  2. Bet the "fight' tasted sweet after your long stays campsite. $1 for ice cream....wow, yea for Cassia! As for the tan, just goes to show us....our freckles flourish even behind those clouds, plus added Vitamin D! Such a beautiful place...minus that truck ramp. OUCH....I'd be closing my eyes!! May this week bring you lots of SUNSHINE!

  3. That refreshing flight and a full growler will make things much better, Hopefully some sunny warm weather comes your way soon.

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