Saturday, July 11, 2015


There are two places in Vernon that we have been meaning to visit for a while now.

With all the busyness at the Park lately, we decided we needed some fun - so Tuesday we headed to Planet Bee and Davidson Orchard Country Village. It's pretty handy that they are right beside each other on the west side of Vernon.

In the end it was a long day tying our visits in with our usual list of errands and grocery shopping but it was worth it for sure. 

Here - take a look....

Before we ventured into Planet Bee - we stopped to admire their front garden.

Two of our favourites - echinacea and russian sage - the purple on the right. Back when we did landscape design work these two were always present. I'll have to find some room here at Fintry next year for some russian sage - I love it mass planted like this - a real statement.

Of course - a picture with a bee was not to be missed. From here we went inside only to realize that we were there at the same time as a HUGE bus - the place was packed. We decided to return on our way out from Davidson Orchard. Unfortunately, we were spent by that time but promised ourselves we will stop in next time.

So nicely designed and accessorized.

The trail to the animals. 
Even though Cassia spent time with goats and sheep at Buckerfield's a few weeks ago she as excited as ever.

Derek too! Nothing like a good chin rub.

Lots of things for kids .....

even a horse to ride!

Next, the gift shop - an endless gift shop - fun to look - we managed to find a few things to take home.

Watching the pies being made.

While I took a good longggggg look at the gift shop - Derek and Cassia took the orchard tour on the Johnny Popper Train.

The tour went past apple, plum and peach trees and tomatoes, peppers, corn and pumpkins.
Amazing to see the growth already.

After that it was lunch at the patio cafe - in the shade. 

Although it doesn't move like the one at home, Cassia was still happy to jump on the John Deere.

A last walk around on the hay bales.

It was fun being tourists for a few hours. 

If you have kids and are looking for something to do in the Vernon area we highly recommend Davidson Orchards - or it is just a nice stop for a bite to eat, a look around the shop and place to purchase your in season fruits and vegetables. We happily bought a carton of the first peaches of the season and more cherries as they are fading out.

Although the park is fairly full tonight - Saturday night - it's still quite quiet. A wedding was held at the Manor House today, we were glad to see that the forecast for rain didn't materialize.

Tomorrow is the annual Summer Fintry Estate Festival. Remember the spring festival on Mother's Day?! Well, they are doing it again. Cassia is excited......

Those pictures next post.



  1. All work and no play, you know the saying, looks like a fun day all around.

  2. Teresa, last year there was a story about kids picking up a disease/virus from goats here locally. I see now that there are wash stations around the goat feeding stations. Are you aware of this? I assume you carry wipes so everyone can clean their hands, but just thought I would pass this on. The story was particularly cautious about kids petting animals, then putting their fingers in the mouths when eating.

  3. Hi Gene! Thanks for letting us know - of course we are new to the area so didn't hear about this. Thankfully we remembered on our way out to wash our hands!


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