Monday, July 6, 2015


Finally, pictures of our garden.

And such.

I went looking for photos of the garden that I have taken over the last little while and found a few other interesting shots as well that I haven't shown you yet. 

So - here they ALL are - in no order except chronological. I walk around every few days and take pictures or when there is something to take a picture of. I hadn't realized that I had amassed so many - always something going around here lately it seems.

Comfortable? It's another longggggggggg post!

I put this up on our facebook page but neglected to show you here. This was Derek quite a few weeks ago now - in early June actually - helping to cut the hayfield in the middle of the park.

A few posts ago we showed you the beautiful roses at the Manor House - we are lucky enough to have similar ones in our garden - and yes - they are also very fragrant.

They are all finished now but for a few weeks the air was scented with all of the mock orange around the park and in our yard. 

While photographing the mock orange I stumbled into this guy.

We became so excited with the roses around here that we purchased a few more for our garden. This one is doing great considering we only planted it a month ago or so.

And I mustn't forget all the berries we have been collecting. This was our first collection which is why I took a picture of it. Since then we have all eaten our fair share of raspberries and strawberries.

Sadly, our netting for the strawberries has been trouble for the birds. Thankfully Derek was able to get this starling out and on her way - the baby quail the other night wasn't so lucky. Cassia named the little guy/gal Little Chirpy and they buried it beside Chico - the pet grave that is here.

Our echinacea flowers are doing well.

Cassia blending into the rose bush.

And the amazing butterfly - or moth - that Derek captured. Derek says moth but what type, anyone know?

Our sunflowers are HUGE - but haven't bloomed yet. Can't wait until they do - of course I'll take pictures and show you.

The system we rigged up to protect our strawberries. Derek has since fixed the netting to hopefully prevent any more death.

Can you believe our corn! It's our first time growing corn - the soil here must be made for it!

Watermelon, pumpkin and squash. These things are going to get totally out of control - we haven't thinned them - yet.

We are still getting over the size of our tomato plants - we've never seen or grown them this large before. They have those little wire cages somewhere down inside. We'll need a new support system idea for next year for sure. We also have sweet and hot peppers and two types of basil here.

We are going to have A LOT of tomatoes!

And back to our wild raspberries.

Every morning for about a week Cassia was out picking - but even she is a bit overberried right now.

And peas! We've gotten some peas. We definitely have to dedicate more room to them next year.

The cherry tree we planted in the spring - we also have a peach.
Definitely an investment into our future.

We've been enjoying our rainbow swiss chard.....

as well as our kale, lettuce, mesclun, spinach and beet tops. Yes, those are sunflowers - not sowed by us here - we figure deposited by the birds. We've kept them though since you can never have enough sunflowers - right!?

Our rudbeckia - lovely.

And calendula.

They are so shy that it's been tough to photograph our quail babies. We've been watching them since they were just itty bitty. So cute.

And Derek's been also having a hard time capturing our American Goldfinch.

And finally, I'll end off with our first poppy. Our garden is filled with them and they are one of my favourite flowers so it won't be the last!

Still here?!

That was a long one - right?! Not the longest post ever though I'm sure - I've had some duzzies.

We are so thrilled with our yard as you can imagine. We haven't been able to grow like this - well, ever. Funny, I was looking back to our last realish garden which was at Skihist Provincial Park - How does your garden grow? Boy look at Cassia then!

I have to give Derek all of the credit - he's the reason we have such an amazing garden as he has done everything plant - water - tend - I just reap the benefits!

I'll sign off here. It's amazing as I sit here on the veranda looking out at all the smoke hanging here in the valley. It's been a smoky day and it is only getting worse. We don't have a wildfire too close to us - it's from those burning throughout the rest of the province. 

I just read that there are 184 active forest fires in BC right now. Sad.



  1. Wow, your garden is doing amazingly well! That must be some really fertile ground there. The flowers are beautiful too. I really love that orange rose. We don't have a vegetable garden but I have been working on flower gardens. We were just donated a pile of perennials so now I am busy trying to make more flower beds for them.

    We are having problems with smoke as well from the fires in Northern Saskatchewan. It was really bad about a week ago since then it has cleared a bit but the fires are still burning and some communities have been evacuated. Hope that they get some rain real soon as well as us. Like you we don't have any fires close by but it is extremely dry in the area.

  2. You are going to have too much produce! Get canning, or sell your crop to the campers, if that is allowed. The garden is amazing.

  3. Quite the green thumbs at fintry !!!.. Nice work!!

  4. Like Ruth, I reckon your soil is tops....the climate must be just right as well the garden - veggies and flowers all look so healthy. I hope the bush-fires are under control or out by this....It was even reported on the TV news here.....I bet Cassia is also loving her lush surroundings.....cheers

  5. Love the garden, you h=enjoying it there thats for sure.

  6. Peas dipped in humus....yum! Always carry a tube of calendula with me, what a beautiful flower. It's all so lovely! In Aug or Sept about a month before frost you can take a nail and carve a name in a pumpkin...not too deep, just scratch the skin and watch it grow. Thanks for sharing all the beauty, and right in your back yard!

  7. Peas dipped in humus....yum! Always carry a tube of calendula with me, what a beautiful flower. It's all so lovely! In Aug or Sept about a month before frost you can take a nail and carve a name in a pumpkin...not too deep, just scratch the skin and watch it grow. Thanks for sharing all the beauty, and right in your back yard!

  8. How nice to have the space to grow all of that and a husband who is willing to do all the work :) Eating out of your garden is so wonderful.

  9. Derick got a green thumb and it looks like you've inherited some really good soil. The soil makes a huge difference in plant quality. I'm not trying to take anything away from farmer Derick's sweat filled labors, no, he's earned his title! However, he knows the magics in the soil! I rented a house in Seattle, the owner had a working garden in the past. He asked me if I liked to garden? I responded "I hadn't had much gardening experience", but I may give it a try. He had a somewhat large rotary tiller in the shed, which I pulled out and wrestled in the spring. Nothing like standing behind a large tiller, which is always calling out to you...hold on Chump your going for a ride! I planted and wow, I couldn't believe the results. Jim the owner had nurtured the soil, even when he didn't live there. He would add clippings and organic matter to the garden when he had opportunity, I benefited! Nice to see you guys are taking advantage of gardening, I've given up on it here in Austin, too much limestone and what soil I have is terrible. Planting for the future, cherry and peach trees, I love it! Keep it coming, you guys are on a roll!

  10. Wow, that is a wonderful garden, nothing like eating your own home grown vegetables.

  11. It all looks lovely. We are on a trip and have high speed so I got to look at your blog. That pink fragrant rose is likely Hansa...a tough old farmstead rose. Great job gardening.

  12. What a wonderful looking yard and garden - kudos to you - well done!!!

  13. Lovely yard just wish we could of stopped but oh well hopefully next time

  14. Excellent article. Very interesting to read. I really love to read such a nice article. Thanks! keep rocking.


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