Monday, September 26, 2011

Island Vacation

Cassia and I just returned from a trip to Vancouver Island to visit with my mom, sister and brother in law. Our last chance to see them again until next spring. My mom lives in a seniors complex and so as you can imagine Cassia is very popular! We always have a great time visiting and did so again.

On our last day we went to the main park in Victoria - Beacon Hill Park. We visited with the ducks and the animals at the children's farm - Cassia's first time at a petting zoo!

We also stopped to walk and throw rocks and drift wood into the ocean. Then a stop at 'Mile 0' the place where the Trans Canada Highway begins on the West Coast. My dad always liked this place and brought all of my parents visitors here. After that we went for ice cream. I had never been to this place but Derek went as a kid so we were sure to stop and enjoy.

And then back home again yesterday - once again crossing with the ferry. A great trip!


  1. I'm sure Grandma appreciated the time and effort you took to visit.
    Will be following your adventures this winter..

  2. Hi Kelly - thanks - and yes my mom really really appreciated it since she only gets to see Cassia and I twice a year! not good!

    We sure hope we have a better time of it this year then last.... :)

    Heading to Utah and Texas this year - and then most probably Mexico...


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