Sunday, September 18, 2011

the travelin' life is the only one I know

I almost always have Alison Krauss and Union Station in our work truck cd player and listen to it on my way from one park to another. One song has the line 'the travelin' life is the only one I know' or something close. The song is - I think - talking about being a musician on the road but I was thinking how it fits us also. Traveling has become a part of us - it is who we are now.

AND - we are not alone! Once we started traveling to the southern USA for the winter we realized how many others are traveling as well - snow birds and non snow birds a like. We have met so many people on the road and keep in touch with some of them - they have become friends. As being part of this group we also follow many rving blogs - it is always fun to hear about others adventures and to learn from their experiences - particularly about places to visit or boondock. We have been following the Bayfield Bunch for a while - Al has great pictures, interesting things to say and groaners corner. We agree with their philosophy about traveling and wanting to find our own little place rather than camp with a bunch of others.

We have also followed, life on the open road, and living in my car. Although Jennifer of living in my car is at the end of her blog which is too bad I enjoyed following her. Check to the right as I am constantly finding new blogs and adding them to our list under the rving life. The most recent addition is a family full timing it in Australia - New Life on the Road - Lisa and David Wood and their 5 boys.

Now that we are thinking of heading to the Yucatan - yes Mexico - this winter we are doing our research and so far have found two great sites - Living and Boondocking in Mexico and Mexico 2011 -12 RV Trip - I am sure we will find plenty more in the next few months.

We also check in periodically to Full time Families - once you start to travel and start to do research you realize that there are others out there that feel the way you do. Full Time Families has a lot of information and a list of blogs under Family Members. They have a new site up and it looks great. Lots of people look at us strangely when we tell them about our lifestyle - we may be strange amongst our friends and family but we are happy to note that there are a whole lot of people like us!

There is definitely something about traveling that gets in your blood. The open road - the possibilities - experiencing new things every day or almost every day - there is oh so much to see! We are hooked.

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