Thursday, June 28, 2012

Is your husband as CRAZY as mine?

Most likely not - since....

I don't think it is even POSSIBLE!

hmmmmm........ let me see, where to begin....

A few days ago, after months of complaining planning, Derek finally decided to do something about the object of his disdain.

The offender?

The Siberian elm tree on the other side of the fence from our 'backyard'.

The offense?

Stealing our sun!

Arghhhhhhh! Say it isn't so!

Yup! It's so.

He - she - it - had to go and TODAY ( a few days ago) was THE day.

Too bad I was a bit late on the 'BEFORE' shot - a few limbs already down.

Can you find the CRAZY man in the tree? I shudder now to think about my involvement in the whole ordeal - I admit to being at least a partial accomplice - after all I DID attach the rope to the chain saw so that Derek could pull it up.

There he is! The CRAZY man himself. This would have been a good time to stop and consider his 'craziness' but noooooo - I can tell you now that at this point he was thinking 
 'Now how do I get over to that trunk to get the other branch.'

Say it with me now......


Now back on 'land' it seems that Derek has his work cut out for him with cutting up all of the branches. I seem to recall hearing him say something like 'hmmmm look at all the work I have created for myself.' Yup - like I said C R A Z Y. 

This reminds me of the time just after we were married and had moved into our first home. Two weeks in and I came home one afternoon to find our one - and only - bathroom 1/2 demolished - but THANKFULLY still useable. I recall (yes, I REMEMBER these things even if it is 10 years later) saying before I left for work the next morning 'Don't break or pull anything apart that you can't fix or put back together'. You can imagine my surprise (not) when I received a call at work that afternoon from who? yes, Derek letting me know now that when I get home that 1. I wouldn't be able to use the bathroom 2. he had arranged dinner at his mom's, and oh by the way, 3. you'll probably have to move back in with your mom for a bit! 


yup - CRAZY!

Back to the tree....

By this time Derek is my 'just one step too far guy' and I'm his 'roll my eyes and walk away gal'. I head into the house no longer wanting to have any part of this project and not wanting to even SEE how it all ends.

I was busy in the kitchen, periodically daring to take small glimpses out the window.


We'll that doesn't look good! 

The CRAZY man again - now explaining to me WHY that last big branch had to come down and oh - honey - by the way - on the way down it hit the power line - I heard it go zap zap.' And ya - we'll have to fix the fence! My poor tree.......


At least one member of the family could see the value in all of this....

Suddenly the pile of elm branches became a 

JUNGLE! complete with MONKEYS I was told!

Cassia - going on a monkey hunt - 

I've got my walking stick........ (you know the one I LOVE and have carried around with me since our winter travels!)

Here I am in action - using my trusty stick to beat back the jungle...

And here I am - WHAT? - it BROKE ...... complete meltdown ensued.
 (Cassia - still learning the harsh reality of 'broken')


The VERY next day - 3 young fellows showed up at our gate. As Derek went to talk to them I slunk back into the house. This wasn't going to be good.

As I peered - again - out of the kitchen window - I see the four of them standing over by what was left of the elm tree. 


Handcuffs? Take Derek away to some place for tree killers? A fine? Do they CHARGE people for taking down trees? All the things running through my head.

This is taking a LONG time......

Finally they are gone and Derek comes into report - tree cutters for the Hydro company - what timing! They are here to trim the elms because they are close to the hydro line. They are going to come back and trim the other one. 


And so - here they are today - driving right into our yard with their BIG truck - and fancy safety gear.

Non CRAZY men.

So long #2 elm tree - I CANNOT believe I am losing you too!


So I ask you.....

Is your husband as CRAZY as mine?


P.S. The above series of events and commentary are all in jest - Derek gave his full support and cooperation in the 'filming and writing' of this blog post. (Of course, CRAZY people really don't know they are CRAZY - right?) 

P.S.S No disrespect intended towards those that are really crazy.

Today's Interesting Link: As we were sitting out tonight we noticed a few mosquitoes - do you have them where you are? We haven't had many and are surprised they are still around. If you need something to keep them away how about this Natural Mosquito Spray from Money Saving Mom.


  1. I totally LOVE this posts...anything that makes me smile or laugh out loud and this did both! Yep, mines pretty crazy too, but I don't think he'd resort to taking down trees by himself.

    Would love to see some inside pics of your summer cabin sometime. I think I've read all your posts and don't remember seeing any.

    1. Ahhh shucks - thanks Sharon. I don't always feel up to so much humour - usually to tired for that. But while I was watching the afternoon unfold I knew that I had GOLD!

      Hmmmm inside pics eh? Well, there is definitely a reason you haven't seen any of those! 400 sq ft of the 70's - complete with dark wood paneling. Plus, there is hardly any storage space so our stuff is EVERYWHERE. I'll think about it though - perhaps some creative angles will do the trick.

  2. My husband takes on jobs like this but usually after we both agree it NEEDS to be done. He is a jack of all trades. But taking down a tree is not something either of us would tackle. So I guess my man is not as crazy as yours. LOL!

    1. Hi Sue! Well in Derek's defense I didn't exactly say that I didn't agree with him - I guess we just had different ideas about the extent. But as he says - which is true - the trees were dying anyway.

      Derek really couldn't be called a jack of all trades - but we love him anyway! :)

      Good thinking about not taking down a tree - I don't blame you.

  3. We all have done "crazy" things in our lives! But, at the end of the day, as long as no one is killed or seriously injured, including pets, then it was just another day! Right?

  4. That is what we admire about Derek ... He is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and take on a challenge !!

    We would have made a pot of coffee and TALKED about what we should do, and never Git-R-Done ... LOL.

    What are the odds a Tree Company would be coming by the next day ???

    Too bad about Cassia's favorite stick, but hopefully she will find a suitable replacement.

    Take care ... TnT

    1. Yup - if it has anything to do with gardening, Derek's on it! He LOVES that!

      The timing was crazy - we are wondering if the zap zap of the power line had anything to do with it!

      The irony of course is that they would have taken the tree down for him AND taken all the branches away.

      Oh - no worries about Cassia - always another stick down the road - err - trail.

      Hope you guys are having a great summer! Guess our paths won't cross next winter with you not leaving until January. Although maybe on our way back up north in the spring!

      :) T

  5. What hilarious timing, glad it all got resolved in the end - looks much tidier now.


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