Thursday, June 14, 2012

Now we need a new RV --- looking for help and advice!

With the selling of our travel trailer we are now in need of a new winter home! 

A new RV that is!

It has been a few years since Derek and I have been thinking that a motorhome would suit our traveling family best. There are definitely pros and cons to each type of RV to be sure but for us the travel trailer system was wearing a tiny bit thin. Particularly the hooking and unhooking. 

What cinched the deal this year is that we are having LOTS of trouble with our truck. We don't have the $$ (or desire) to fix the truck and so the trailer - and ultimately the truck - have to go.

We are REALLY excited about the IDEA of a new to us motorhome

And for that we are looking for YOUR help.

This will be our first time buying a motorhome and so we need to spend the next few months doing some research.

We thought we would ask our RV friends and followers for advice. 

What should (should not) we be looking for in our new to us Class C motorhome? Maybe you've owned one and learned something that we should know - or maybe you've had a friend or a family pass some valuable info on to you. Or do you know of a great site with really good information?

We'd LOVE to hear about it!

We'd also like to ask that if you have a Class C motorhome for sale or know of one that we may be interested in could you forward the info to us. Feel free to pass this post around. The more we can get it out there the better.

Here's our list:

MUST have's: separate back bedroom, bunk over cab, sofa in living area, hardwall - vinyl exterior (no aluminum siding)

Would LOVE to have: generator, separate freezer and refrigerator, beige upholstery (why oh why are blue and pink so prevalent?)

Dare to DREAM: a slide

Our budget is $10,000 Can. I know, I know - not much. But we don't need much. And we don't finance or use credit - we pay cash.

We'll probably be in the early to mid 1990's range - particularly if we buy in the USA. In Canada the same amount would probably put us 10 years older. Many snowbirds buy their RVs in the US because of the huge price difference even with the taxes and the hassle to bring it in. We may end up doing the same but it all comes down to layout, condition, mileage and cost.

I pulled this picture off the internet - it is basically what we are looking for. Funny this is a 1995 at just over our budget - sadly it is in Florida - too far to go.

We probably won't be buying until October mainly because we can't leave the park here for anymore then a few hours in the afternoon. Plus we are hoping that buying at the end of the season will help stretch our $$ a little further. So - lots of time to send us your thoughts.

On the other hand - if a great unit comes along - one that we just KNOW is the right one - we will just go ahead and buy it! 

Thanks ahead of time for your help!

On another note - I just met and spent some time with a GREAT couple from Magnolia, Texas! They were camping at Gold Pan and are on their way up to Alaska. You all KNOW how much I LOVE Texas - right?! So much fun talking with them! One of the perks of our job - for sure!


Today's Interesting Link: Here's a new site I just found for the mom's out there - Modern Alternative Mama by Kate. I kinda consider myself a MAM also. I LOVE the graphic design of the site - that's my thing - I like good content but also like a site with good graphics. (STILL working on mine of course!). Take a look at Kate's site - seems she covers a lot of topics.


  1. We bought an older class c. If you not buy a c with a window above the cab. I call it the useless window. All it will do is leak. If you purchase one with that window... go outside & look @ the it wavy? Leakage! Look inside.. water marks? puffy walls? windows leaking. Check the shower for cracks around the drain...leaking. We restored a 1990. Now that it is it. Just spent 3 months in it.. Good Luck!

    1. GREAT! Thanks - just the kind of info we are looking for! Will do!

  2. I am happy to say that I've now completely caught up with your backposts on this blog. I love the wide variety of your posts and love interacting with someone in British Columbia. I will enjoy reading about this work season as it unfolds, your quest for a new travel vehicle, watching Cassia grow and the simple living lifestyle you have chosen. So glad to have found your blog!

  3. Well, it seems that you have a good plan ahead of everything, which is a good thing. Hmm, to help you out, there are lots of pros when living in an RV. Being on the road means always being on-the-go and traveling to different places. Another one is meeting different people of different races and lifestyle. The only con that you need to basically consider is the fuel costs. But all in all, it will depend on you on how will be your RV experience. :)

    [Isadora Kesten]

  4. In purchasing your next RV: First, you need to determine your needs and desires, especially its purpose (whether it’s for short or long trips). Also, consider the number of passengers that would possibly be riding on the car. Look for options and don’t settle for what catches your attention first, okay? Take your time, before purchasing one.

    -Tobias Thrash

  5. Hello, Teresa! So, do you already have your own RV? It’s been six months. I am hoping you were able to find the right RV for you! I think you did great in deciding not to buy one up ‘til now. At least you were able to stretch your budget for it. Having more funds will help you get a better and greater trailer!


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