Friday, June 8, 2012

Wildflowers in Bloom 2

Derek took another great group of pictures the other night as he, Cassia and Roofous were on their nightly hike on the trails just above the campground.

I just had to share!

We live in such a beautiful area!
And it is such a great time of year with everything in bloom.

Here is the first set of Wildflowers in Bloom.



  1. Hey Team. We are not abandoning you, honest !!
    This working 13 hour days is definitely cutting into my blogging time ... LOL.
    We find your topics very interesting, as it is obvious you do a great deal of research.
    Loved the photos today as well.
    Hugs, TnT

    1. yup T it really is - cutting in! sheesh - hey can't you hook in during your 'down' time!

      miss you guys!


      no baby news to report?


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