Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Goodbye, Friend

Well, today was the day!

We said GOODBYE to our trailer....

With heavy hearts.

We've never named our RV as others seem to do - I don't know why - maybe because she is a trailer and not a motorhome. I have always referred to it as a HER for some reason - not sure why.

I'm one to get attached to things - places, homes, RVs (strange I know since we have lived in 6 homes in the last 10 years!) and so it was probably hardest on me to say farewell. I didn't sleep well at all last night - sad to say goodbye and wondering if we were doing the right thing! I spent the day reminding myself what had led us to make the decision to sell our great little trailer after almost 5 years.

We have spent more time then most - but less then some - in our little trailer. She has joined us and sheltered us on 3 long winter road trips. We have lived in her full time on and off over the last 5 years for a total of 20 months or so - a long time in a 21' travel trailer.

A LOT of GREAT memories.

But our family is larger now then when we bought it, and after the three winters with it south we realize that a motorhome would suit us better - or at least we THINK it will. We'll see.

I suppose it is a bit hard because we don't have anything to replace it with, not even a thought of what our future RV will be like aside from thinking we are looking for a Class C model.

And so, today marks the end of an era for our little Wood Clan.

The new owners were excited - as excited as we were almost 5 years ago. We are thrilled that they are thrilled.

They promised to take good care of her.

Goodbye, friend....

You have been a HUGE part of our family - you have kept us dry, warm and safe and for that we say



Today Interesting Link: This may seem like a strange link but I thought I would pass on the free photo editing site that I use. Often times I don't link sites because I figure that everyone knows about a certain site. Why I think that I don't know - there are millions (or more?) sites on the internet. Anyway, I USED to use picnik but they sold out to Google. I was heartbroken at first, but that was before I found PicMonkey - LOVE PicMonkey!


  1. Wow, this is huge. As a new follower and fan of your blog (and lifestyle), I'm not quite caught up on your backposts, but remembered that a new RV was in the back of your minds. Hope you find the perfect new home before this summer season ends and its time for the next winter adventure! Keep writing!

    1. Thanks Sharon and thanks for seeing the hugeness - LOL. Glad that you are still following along on our adventures. You are right - the PERFECT RV is out there and we will have a great trip next winter with it - no worries!

  2. On to the next!!! Find yourselves a nice Class C, about 30', with at least 1 slideout, and you'll be a lot more comfortable!! But be forewarned: They sit closer to the ground, and you'll need to always remember that when you get off the beaten path.....I saw a gal in Arizona last winter that thought it would go anywhere, and she went over some nasty rocks that ripped her holding tanks open!!

    1. We DREAM about a slide BlackSheep but not sure if it is in the budget!

      HA! I just read your comment to Derek - darn! That means we can't go back down Kingman Wash! Good news - Derek will HAVE to stay on the beaten path!

  3. Awwww .... Sorry to see your rolling home go, but the memories and pictures you have will last forever.

    Of course you are sad, you are the nest builder, and that was a wonderful nest you made !!

    Now comes the exciting part of looking for something new !!

    Take care ... TnT


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