Friday, July 27, 2012

Alexandra Bridge, BC

To pick up  our new camper van we needed to make the trip to the Vancouver Area, we must have REALLY liked the van because that is a HUGE deal for us - to go where there are SO MANY people and SO MANY cars! To make the trip that much easier we left Monday afternoon to spend the night in Chilliwack 2 hours south of us. We then headed out to pick up the van Tuesday morning - 1 1/2 hours further into the congestion. 

We chose the perfect day to leave the parks - with our hosts covering for us - because it was a very rainy day. We drive this route quite often but rarely stop. 

But not today - today was the day to stop and walk to the 


Another perfect idea because it was very quiet with only a few other people there.

The Alexandra Bridge has a fascinating history. I just found out now that it was a part of the Caribou Wagon Road, the same one that passes through here at Skihist Provincial Park.

The beginning of the walk. Round trip took us about 45 minutes. It was actually nice to walk in the rain.

Amazingly lush! It is only and hour or so south of us - a total change in climate.

The Bridge! 

Roofous was about as unimpressed as I was with the material used on the platform.

Hmmmm - not much between us and the river. I'm NOT a fan of bridges that I can see down on or those that sway for that matter.

Quite the system to hold it up!

A view of the Fraser River and the bridge we drive over after we get back on the road.

Cassia was lucky to get a ride up from Dad.

Back to the parking lot along Highway #1.

Cassia just couldn't resist a quick jump in the puddles. The second picture now that she is looking away from me - on purpose!

A VERY busy night here for us at the park. It has been a slow camping season so far - so 20 or so campers is a lot for us. Friday nights are always our busiest because we are a stop over place - most campers leave early to head further north for the weekend.


TODAY'S INTERESTING LINK: Have you been over to Homestead Survival yet?! It's one of my favourite sites - I've LIKED them on facebook so I get all the updates that way. This was posted the other day - a good thing to know. I'm going to put a really good first aid kit for us this winter - not something I usually do - but should I think. 


  1. Teresa you are killing me with those amazing photos of the beauty and lushness of BC.

    They say our prairies have their own unique beauty .... ya right !! LOL

    Take care ... TnT

    1. BC is so beautiful TnT!


      So is Saskatchewan! When we moved out there we fell in LOVE with the rolling hills and prairie landscape. I can STILL see in my mind near where we lived the late summer fields with several combines in a row with the sun setting. SO SO BEAUTIFUL.

      Thats the GREAT thing about traveling - right! So much to appreciate.

      Guess you'll have to give that RV of yours a summer run and come visit us either this summer or next!

  2. The scenery there is amazing. Your weather looks like what we had most of the time we were in England but like you it didn't stop us from getting out and exploring things. I love that bridge but I don't do very well with the ones you can see through either and that are way up high. I beat my fear each time and make my way across them though. Hope everything goes well with picking up you camper van.

    Kevin and Ruth

    1. The crazy thing is that we are just up the road in a ponderosa pine forest with sage brush. The difference in the two forests only an hour apart or so is amazing!

      Best not to let any kind of weather stop the exploring process - right! Definitely based on our trip pics.

      Ya - I made it to the other side of the bridge but it took a whole lot. Don't look down is my policy. I was being brave for Cassia's sake also - Derek had Roofous so I had Cassia - I didn't want to put my fear on her.

      Camper van already picked up - sorry - I showed the end result and then the trip down! LOL!


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