Wednesday, July 4, 2012

We're Roamers and We don't work for Stuff.

Roamers - huh. I never thought of us that way. I was talking to a couple tonight at one of our parks and she asked where we live etc. When I mentioned that we work the five months and travel the rest, she said...

'You are Roamers.'

I said 'Well, nomads.'

Getting in my truck I wasn't quite sure how to take the word Roamers.....

The other night I was talking with a camper from Punta Gorda. I had seen the address on his self registration envelope. I was happy when he came out of his camper to talk to me because, not only do I love to talk to fellow travelers, but particularly if we have been to there home. After a conversation about traveling and where we go for our winters, the camper said....

'Aren't you a little young to be doing that?' (This is a fairly common remark from others that I'm working on answering in an even - not getting my back up - tone.)

I said 'Well, it's more of a lifestyle choice then a work versus retirement situation.' (As I patted myself on my back for my restrained answer.) 

First, I did have to set him straight a little bit about our ages - I mean - we aren't THAT young - most people guess we are in our early 30's - strangely enough. He then went on to tell me that he retired at 53 and so has been able to travel quite a bit after working. 

Later as I was driving from Skihist to Gold Pan I had time to reflect on my conversation with the camper from Punta Gorda. I realized that this may be the only time in the recent past and the future that there is something called 'retirement' and retiring as early as many seem to be able to do these days. It is the baby boomer generation that is either retired or soon to be retired. Retiring in your 50's with a good savings account balance and pension does mean that you can venture out and do all the things you may have not done while working and raising children. 


This phenomenon probably won't exist for our generation and the ones to follow. The chances of us even being able to retire, let alone early, is pretty slim at best. Therefore, if we don't fit LIVING into our lifestyle NOW and travel there is a really good chance that we never will. 


As you know if you've spent a little time reading our blog - Derek and I have no interest in working to collect stuff.

We don't work for stuff.

We work to eat, raise Cassia, travel and to have freedom. We do buy STUFF but not too much of it and only what we need - although we do fit in the stuff we want too. We live frugal but we certainly don't do without.

We sure had a great time ROAMING around Apalachicola, Florida last winter.

Park News!
We had a busy FIVE days here at the parks. The long weekend of course is only for three days but it seems that campers start a little earlier every year in order to get to the campgrounds ahead of everyone else. Our parks are stop-over campgrounds. We don't get a lot of people that stay more then one night. They stop in for the night on route to their destination. This is both good and bad. We like it because it means that our park is pretty quite with no loud parties. On the more negative side is that in the mornings the park empties out and we have A LOT of sites to rake.

I've been procrastinating, but I have to write a report tonight regarding some campers that we are having problems with. A few weeks ago I had to get the police to deal with them. They returned this weekend having not learned a thing from that experience. One of the more challenging aspects of our job for sure!

Derek and I have chosen our destination for next winter and are PRETTY DARN EXCITED about it. I was going to write about that tonight but after the weekend and shopping day in Merritt yesterday I'm pretty tired. So - I'll really working on getting that post up over the next day or two.

It seems that summer has FINALLY arrived here in the Thompson Canyon plus 39ÂșC expected for the 

Happy July 4th to all of our American friends and followers!


Today's Interesting Link: Speaking of roaming have you checked in with Kevin and Ruth lately? They are posting great pictures of their travels in England - PLUS they are headed to Prague on July 23rd. I can't WAIT to see all the great architectural pictures they'll be sure to post.


  1. Roaming is a great lifestyle, looks like you guys have it all figured out and I commend you for it. We did retire early, but no pensions so live pretty frugally ourselves. Do it while you can.
    And we too enjoy Kevin and Ruth's travels very much.

    1. Hi guys! your back! We totally agree! Frugal is good no matter how much $$ someone has. Yup - see you on K&R's blog.

  2. Not fair, Teresa.....I want to know this winter's travel plans NOW!!! Hurry with that post!

    1. LOL Sharon - good to see you are still with us! I'll shoot for tonight! You'll LOVE it! We can't wait to get going - only 3 months until we can hit the road!

  3. Roamers.....thats good, I haven't been called that yet!! BUM/HOBO/VAGABOND/SLUG----Yes, been called ALL those!!! Actually prefer MINIMALIST IN TRAINING/NOMAD.......Get with it Theresa!! We want to know where you're headed!!


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