Thursday, July 12, 2012

Are YOU Self Aware? Hands UP!

The FIRST title of this post was  - What I've Learned about Myself while Living Alone for the Past 3 Days - but, well, a tad wordy - right?


I had an interesting conversation this morning that led to a very profound - ah ha - moment for me.

It was all innocent enough. I just mentioned something in passing - with just a bit of jest - when the person I was speaking to gave a very formal, serious, anal (hate that word but anyway), and annoying response. As I was driving away the first thing I thought was - jerk - and the second was

That was EXACTLY the kind of answer I've given.  H E L L O   M I R R O R.


Now, I could NEVER be accused of the 'life of the party' or the 'leader of the pack' -- I could easily be considered very reserved, serious, rigid, and anal - ouch - in most situations.

Just like the person I was speaking to today I bet. I thought - hey - LIGHTEN UP.

So, at least I'm somewhat self aware - right?  I'm just a straight shooter kind of gal. There's room for all of us isn't there? Maybe I should LIGHTEN UP!

This mornings exchange led to an afternoon of reflection. Living alone these last three days, with Derek and Cassia off galavanting to the big city, has given me a chance to figure out a few more things about myself. Here's my list:


1. I am the LAZIEST and most DISORGANIZED person that has EVER walked this earth: yup - without a husband and 3 year old here to motivate me I quickly - and I mean VERY QUICKLY - grind to a halt. Dinner? Dishes? ugh. In my defense I did do 2 loads of laundry - but really that was just so I didn't sink too low - I mean - it's not like I did much more then put the stuff in the washer - right!

2. I have a completely UNHEALTHY relationship with email, facebook and pinterest. Get away from me! No - come back! I LOVE you! I HATE you! It surely doesn't help that between fb and pinterest there is something new about every 5 seconds! How many hours a day can you actually waste spend on the internet? A  L O T

3. I have TOTALLY underestimated how much Derek does around here! Am I alone on that? Don't most moms think that the family ship sails on coarse and stays afloat because of THEM. Just be glad the animals and the plants are still hanging on. I fed them - really I did! They were only wilting a little itty bitty bit.

4. I don't like the HEAT nearly as much as I thought I did - dry or humid - who cares - HOT IS HOT. ENOUGH already with the 40ºC + temps. I am totally done with having a constant layer of sweat on my body. Can we turn it down please!

5. I could NOT live this life without THE LOVES of MY LIFE - Derek and Cassia! Get home soon! Hear that! GET HOME SOON! You guys are the reason I am here - and boy, are you two a WHOLE LOTTA FUN! I guess I forget to realize that while you're here.

So that's it.

At least I KNOW myself - right? Or do I? Is THIS me or just my PERCEPTION of me?



Today's Interesting Link: So, how self aware are YOU? I'll tell you MY result if you tell me YOURS! 

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  1. Hey, Teresa. I sure got a kick out of your post today. I think a lot of us thought you were talking about us when you pointed out a few weaknesses... LOL
    I know I was blushing a few times for sure !
    How nice to miss your family like that !!
    Great food for thought ... Take care ... TnT


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