Thursday, September 6, 2012

I'm NOT Wonder Women!

Not that YOU thought I was mind you.......

But I sure did and YES... I am from the Wonder Women era - and who KNEW there was actually a Super Women?!

Nope - not ME! 
And gee I forgot how scantily clad Lynda Carter was - especially for the 70's. But oh ya - she had to compete with Farrah!

For the first 3 1/2 months that we were here at the Parks I was certainly behaving like I was a super hero. I was working, parenting, cooking, making, cleaning, and blogging myself into a complete meltdown.

AND I didn't even see it coming.

But by the end of July - just after the last post actually - I became completely overwhelmed by it all. And so I took a break - not from life of course - but the blog had to be sacrificed for a while. Clearly NOT cooking meals wasn't an option - but it did cross my mind.

I told myself - "I'll just take a day or so off from blogging - I'll be back up to speed in a few days..."! Unfortunately, ONE day turned into THIRTY-NINE! Aghh the shame of it!

I tried - I really really try to get back on line - but in the end I just wanted to be a spectator on the internet for a while and not a participant. Things really got bad when I couldn't even bring myself to post on A LIFFE MADE SIMPLE's facebook page.

I'm here but I'm still recovering. We had a VERY VERY busy long weekend. Friday and Sunday nights were near full at Skihist and full on Saturday. Gold Pan was full every night. We made it through and even had a good time meeting up with a few of our Washington rafting campers. It made for a lot of work registering everyone, selling firewood and then the cleaning of the washrooms, collecting the garbages and bottles and raking the sites. We actually showed some SUPER HERO abilities I think!

Cassia enjoying the overturned rafts at one of the sites on the long weekend. That - watermelon and other kids to play with made her weekend!

You know when you've been working really hard for a long time and then you slow down? And you just sort of CRASH - we'll that's Derek and I right now. The tricky part is that the season is not over yet as we have 24 days to go. With this warm weather and the seniors rate going into effect we are still pretty busy with campers.

So - here I am back again. I'm hoping to be back at the blog full time. Thanks to all of you that got a hold of us to check that all was ok. Nothing like making us feel cared for!

I still want to get the blog post out about a day in the life of a Park Facility Operator and oh do I have lots to tell you about our travel plans to Central America and all of the research I have been doing! I can't BELIEVE that we'll be heading out of here in less then a month - 26 days in fact with the tentative pull out day of October 2nd. We won't be heading straight south mind you we have some visiting to do with our families at the lower mainland and Vancouver Island.

WoW! Does this feel weird - to be writing sentences and paragraphs again!

Thanks for checking back in! We've had a VERY hot summer - we are now enjoying all of the herbs and vegetables from our garden and over dosing on fresh fruit from the local growers.


TODAY'S INTERESTING LINK: Well, I could probably list off about 100 right now - I've been finding all sorts of good stuff around the internet. I'll give you this one because I just found it and think it is pretty neat. It has a very strange name - it's called 'oil pulling' which is what lead me to the article in the first place. Take a look - hint - it is about your teeth!


  1. So glad to see you back and believe me, I understand about the need for a break from the blog. It does get to be overwhelming, doesn't it? Write when you can, but when it feels stressful, don't!! We all understand.

  2. Sometimes life does get in the way of our hobbies like blogging. Its good to take a break! Welcome back.

  3. We totally understand as well !!

    We will start our blog up again as we get ready to head south.

    We sure did miss you though ...LOL

    Hugs, TnT

  4. I have not posted on my own blog for a month-----just nothing notable to share!


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