Sunday, September 9, 2012


While I've been on my blog sabbatical,  5  Sunday Cooks have come and gone. Not only was our blog ignored so was baking - sadly. I did try in earnest to keep up a little and actually did pretty well. It seems that right now we are suffering more because of shear exhaustion. 

I KNOW that I am flat our tired when I'm not even interested in baking!

I always have a baking/cooking bucket list going - there is always something that I want to make. Eclairs have been on the list for a LONG time - probably years. It is definitely one of Derek and I's favourite treats when we visit a real bakery. 

They always seemed a bit out of reach to me. It wasn't the filling or the chocolate on the outside that had me shaking - it was of course the dough - the pate a choux. 

But when I stumbled upon this eclair recipe on pinterest and the secret to making them, I decided that this was the summer to cross this baked good off of my list.

Here's how they turned out!

Yum! They were super good but 12 was a bit much for us 3 to eat!

No step by step pictures for this one! While reading the recipe I realized that it was VERY time sensitive so I was smart enough to not even try to photograph it. I could have asked Derek but I didn't really want an audience for my first attempt, and anyway he was nicely keeping Cassia entertained so I would have the kitchen to myself. 

All went well but I wished I had just used whipped cream for the filling rather than a combo of vanilla pudding and whipped cream. I KNEW that too - Derek and I always say we like just the whipped cream best - I have NO idea why I disregarded that thought.

The eclairs were the largest accomplishment during August. The rest of the time I just stuck to what I knew like the energy balls , the BEST bran muffins and these - the most delicious peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies you will EVER taste!

I also spent A LOT of time making popsicles - BOY did we have a HOT summer! I have to say that we ate more then our fair share of these lemon cream popsicles - the BEST recipe of the summer. Note: the first time I made them I went with the buttermilk but the rest was straight milk and we liked them better.

My most exciting news is that I ordered in Joy the Baker's new cookbook to our library. My dream at the moment would be to have the time and ingredients to bake my way through her cookbook! It is one of the best I have seen - I could seriously eat everything in it. Even Derek agrees - he was flipping through it one morning (which he NEVER does) also impressed with the recipes. So far I have just made the Oatmeal Cookie Pancakes - twice now - we ALL love them - yummmm!

So that's a wrap on another Sunday Cook. I truly don't know at this point how the next few weeks will go. Today we have exactly 3 weeks left of work. The last Sunday will be a no go since we'll be busy getting everything cleaned up and ready for our departure a few days later. I REALLY want to make some pumpkin dishes before we leave - one thing I LOVE about fall.


TODAY'S INTERESTING LINK: Another item on my bucket list are pretzels. I've always wanted to make them also. I don't know - can I squeeze them in the next 3 weeks! Anyway - here's the recipe I might use - however I have many more pinned on my bread board.


  1. WOW!! Looks yummy as always!! Where do you think your route south will take you as you head thru the US this fall?

  2. Thanks!

    Just looking at that this morning - sticking to the west this time! Washington, Oregon, and California - mostly along the 395 - haven't been on it through Lone Pine and Big Pine since 2006. Then over to Needles down through Parker and the Big Q. Over to Buckeye and down to Gila Bend. We'll cross over into Mexico at Lukeville.

    Getting excited just writing about it! I see you are sticking to the east - hopefully our ramblings about Texas and Florida will give you some places to stop. I hope you make it to Micanopy - ahhh Micanopy! :)


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