Friday, September 28, 2012


I'm sure you could all see THIS post coming!

If I know one thing for sure -- it's this --


Yes, us, the Wood Clan - the live simple on the road most of the time and now in a teeny tiny camper van - Wood Clan.

And by the way, WHAT were we thinking to believe that we could easily move ourselves - and all of our STUFF into a CAMPER VAN! I'm mean - really.

Who would every think that two adults and more importantly, one three year old, could possibly put all their worldly goods and all the things they need to live for the at least the next seven months in the size of many couple's master walk in closet!

Well, yes, obviously we did.....

Is this me talking or the anxiety that has built up over the last few days as I try to



JAM, and


all of our stuff into submission!


Case in point..

Yesterday Cassia took out what was LEFT of her stuffed animal collection. Imagine my surprise when that took up the entire front of the bunk. 

Strange how spaces seem so much larger when they are empty - I could have sworn that ALL of Cassia's toys would fit up here. 

Sadly, no.

And yes, the top picture is 1/2 and this one is the other. 

Anyone know exactly how to downsize a three year olds stuffed animal family? They become part of the family - right?! I don't even think I can part with any of them at this point.

I always try to pack our RVs with the idea that when you start out EVERYTHING must have a home - behind a door that is. It is the only way to maybe guarantee some sort of livability because, trust me - if something doesn't have a home (and even if it does) the chances of it being left out to clutter up an already cramped space, IS guaranteed.

And so - as we each ask ourselves (well, Derek and I at least - Cassia isn't really getting much of a chance) what we ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO HAVE - the amount is slowly decreasing. I am proud to say that we have two huge garbage bags full of clothes to go on to the thrift store once we leave here. And a few weeks ago Derek's mom was nice enough to take a car full of Cassia's stuff to be recycled, with her.

With only three days left here at the Parks we are definitely working on believing that the time has come for us to pack it all up and move out.

Somehow we'll get it all in - I know we will - but probably with a sense of wonder.

Funny how stuff just seems to stick to us as we travel through life - do you know what I mean?

For any Sunday Cook fans out there I'm really going to try to get one last bit of baking done if I can .... something pumpkin.

Thanks for sitting through my stuff rant!


TODAY'S INTERESTING LINK: You may or may not know that I link lots of interesting things on facebook - I'm a real fb 'like' junky - I have over 500 likes that keep me up to date on all sorts of pieces of information. Today I linked a neat little house on wheels. For those of you not connected to a life made simple's facebook page I thought I would add it here since I am so impressed with this cute little place - The Bayside Bungalow- about perfect I'd say - for a little house. 

Teri from The Zen of Sweeping also added a link to some mighty fine looking tiny Texas houses. Y'all  probably know how much we LOVE Texas.


  1. I was wondering the same thing, we had our van camper for 7 years, and it was pretty full for the two us, and even more so with two 12 year old girls on a two week vacation. Good luck!

    1. Too funny - well I guess we'll just HAVE to learn to live with even less - good luck indeed!

  2. Wow paint looks. Good I am a big fan of white. I love clean . I am with u on painting
    Cabinets. Consider next summer. Maybe mask off anything u don't want white and power spray all the inside . Or just remove one door and paint it perfect before going on.
    Doors can be tricky it's important to have a good prepped surface and the right paint to get desired results. I have seen some good ones. And I have personally created some bad paint jobs on doors. Lol. U guys are amazing and I love reading your posts. We are off to salt lake city in a few weeks. And then over to California . Safe travels
    Cheers rob and lyn

    1. Heyyyy Rob - how crazy to meeting up with you here! I almost couldn't believe my eyes!

      Thanks for sticking with us these last few months without much from me! Thanks for the good info for painting - maybe that's why I didn't do them yet ..... so much effort needs to go into it - my effort is depleted right now!

      Safe travels to you down to the Salt Lake area - you are better people then us to take that HUGE urban area on! Visiting Living Young? Where in Cali?

  3. Just came across your blog. Wow, can't say your life is boring! We're hoping to spend the winter in the desert sw but stressing over $$$. I found your story inspirational. It reminded me if we focus better, we can live on much less. Happy Travels, Ingrid

    1. Hi Ingrid! Welcome - how nice to hear from you!!!!

      Boring - no..... Derek and I seem to follow the motto - the more complicated the better! Although really - you've done so much yourself. Love the house building industry - as challenging as it is - right!? I'm trained as an Architect - not sure if you saw that - I love houses best - my dad was a carpenter - trained in Holland.

      We spent the winter of 2010/2011 in the SW desert - boondocking - good for the $$$. Holtville BLM is good because it is beside a hotspring.... we also like Ogilby Road just west of Yuma. You've probably read about these places already.....

      As soon as I get some more time - as in - on the road - I'm going to spend some more time on your blog.... nice to find a new one!


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