Saturday, January 21, 2012

Carrabelle Beach

Pretty late Friday morning we headed south on the 319 out of Crawfordville where we had spent the night. Not before stocking up on - smokes for Derek @ $10 a carton and propane from the Ace Hardware. For all you travelers out there we have found Ace Hardware stores to be very reliable for propane sales.

One of the first destinations we had in mind, now on the 98, was a restaurant in Panacea called Angelos. The fellows at the Grassroots Coffee in Thomasville had tipped us off to this place - 'the best seafood around'. However, it wasn't even noon and since I haven't been feeling well the last thing I felt like was seafood. So we carried on. Through Ochlockonee Bay - through Saint Teresa :) - and through Lanark Village.

Although this strip of highway runs parallel to the beach - it isn't RIGHT on the beach - it actually goes through trees - which is ok - it was nice.

The town of Carrabelle was the first to offer a possibility to stop and look. However, 2 of my 3 maps showed a rest area at Carrabelle Beach - perfect. And yes - I travel with THREE maps on my legs - they are all great - but all different - it helps to be VERY informed while on the road. I also sometimes have my ipad open to google maps too! I take my navigator job VERY seriously. I screw up now and then however.

So - we stopped at the rest area at Carrabelle Beach.

Happy, happy, happy! 

Why? Because in addition to being one of those nice white sandy beaches we have heard and read about there was almost

nobody there!

and yup we are still in Florida. Carrabelle Beach has got to be one of the best kept secrets. shhhhhhhh
We weren't fools - we know how hard this is to find - plus it was hot - we stayed for most of the day.



yaaaa a beach even Roofous can walk on - even WITHOUT a leash!

Sorry - no pics of Cassia this time although she certainly enjoyed herself. Since no one was about except for a few walkers - and mainly women anyway - we decided to let her be nude. Up until now we have always put a suit on her - but if you can't run free on a beach at 2 1/2 years old when can you - right?

A bit of history at Carrabelle Beach also - you can read about the training here.

We had a great day at Carrabelle Beach and HIGHLY RECOMMEND it if you are coming this way. The one thing that struck us that day was that on the way - from about St. Teresa to the beach there were nothing but FOR SALE signs - I mean every thing - all the houses - the nice kind up on stilts - were for sale. If you are looking for some Florida gulf coast property that maybe the place. Looks like a few tried to make some quick money building spec homes before the bust.

We left the beach shortly before dinner to find ourselves an overnight spot. We hit the jackpot in a little town called Apalachicola! ahhhh Apalachicola.....

Could Micanopy have a contender! 

You'll have to wait and see....oh do I wish I could do that post tonight - oh to have a generator. I have a great wifi signal here at Sam's Club but not much of a battery. So - it will have to wait - it will be worth it - trust me - this is some town.

Thanks for checking in! Good thing I write this blog - not talk - sadly I am loosing my voice tonight - just getting over this darn cold.


Today's Interesting Link: Here is the link to Apalachicola just so you can start the tour without me! 

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