Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Alabama in a day

Tuesday was more of a travel day then a stop and look day. Originally the plan after Fort Walton Beach was to continue along the 98 into Pensacola and then along the 182 to Orange Beach and Gulf Shores. 

More busyness and more beaches.....

Instead we decided to forgo this area for this year and to do something we rarely do - we headed for the Interstate - and Interstate 10 no less.

Just west of Fort Walton Beach we headed north on the 87 to meet up with the Interstate. It wasn't long before we were through Pensacola and out of Florida. So long Florida - it has been fun! We will hopefully visit you again sometime!

We stopped at the Alabama Welcome Center for breakfast. 

Derek wanted a picture of this truck - he had been speaking with the driver. He is bringing honey bees from Florida to California. Derek was a bee keeper for a year back in his younger days.

I found it interesting that the colours were yellow and black.

Our next city to take on was Mobile. Actually it is a pretty smooth drive but this day it was pretty wet. There were a few minutes right here when we could barely see the road - not fun.

Approaching downtown Mobile, Alabama.

Next stop - the Mississippi Welcome Center.

The Escatawpa Trail at the welcome center.

Between walking the trail, taking naps and spending some time on the internet we spent the afternoon at the welcome center.  Since we had decided to spend the night at the Pascagoula Walmart, we didn't have far to go. I checked with the info people about a good seafood restaurant in Pascagoula. We want to be sure to get all of our seafood in in the next few days.

They suggested Cornerstone and were even nice enough to call to ensure they were open.

We were thrilled with their choice. We had seafood gumbo and po boys. 

And so - that was Alabama in a day! I think this state is only about 66 miles along the interstate and so it isn't far.

I have very little battery power and so will end this now - sorry - no interesting link tonight!


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