Friday, December 14, 2012


No doubt you are thinking that it is high time I show you around our new digs. 

This is our third full day in Villa Corona having arrived in the afternoon on Tuesday. We've had quite the time so far and are TOTALLY enjoying ourselves. We are DEFINITELY in the right place for us.

We've been into town a few times now - twice for the Our Lady of Guadalupe festivities Tuesday night and Wednesday afternoon and evening, and twice to do some shopping. I'll post the Festival photos in the next post. 

This post I'll stick to the Parque Acuatico Chimulco and our trips to the town.


The front gate into the Park.

When we arrived we stopped here and went to the office to pay. At first we weren't sure how long to stay so we paid for 1 night @ $275 pesos - around $21. Once parked we realized how nice this place is and quickly went back to pay for a week @ $1,650 pesos - around $127 so $18/per night. Pretty good for full hookups, showers and laundry AND entry fee to the pools for the 3 of us.

Our site - over in the back corner. The light blue colour through the bottom of the trees is the lake - we have a great view.

We are also a bit away from the other RVs - that's our style - we like to be off by ourselves. There are 50 sites here with currently 17 rigs. 

One of those rigs belongs to Croft and Norma of Croft's Mexico. We met them both yesterday which was nice since we have been following their blog. If you want to learn more about traveling in Mexico check out Croft's blog.

The path we take from the RV park to the swimming pools - VERY close about a 1 minute walk.

Our FIRST swim in a pool. Each day a different pool is open while the others are closed for cleaning. The BEST thing about these pools is that the water is WARM - as in a warm bath. 


We've decided to stick around here for a bit - so I'll show you more over the posts to come.

Wednesday we walked into town. At first our reason was to - well, just to see it. We were thrilled that we can walk - albeit a bit of a walk with a 3 1/2 year old in tow - but not bad at all. 

When we found out from one of the ladies here about the 'back alley' panaderia, THAT became reason enough.

Down the first street and through the open wrought iron gates, look for the bird cages and parked trucks - were our directions to the panaderia.

This looked like the place. 

And it was the place! PURE HEAVEN - again!

Cassia watching mum make our selections. How to choose, how to choose.

Hasta luego - we'll definitely be seeing them later. Actually that was Tuesday - we went back today.

A few doors down - the tortilleria - fresh tortillas. We haven't stopped in ... yet.

Over the highway and into the town itself - one of the streets decked out in Lady of Guadalupe celebration decorations.

Not long before this we stopped to eat a few of our bakery treats - just as we were saying how thirsty we were we passed this sign.

Now, how can you pass up fresh squeezed orange juice? 

At first we just walked by - we aren't quite used to not going into a store - picking out a drink - paying for it and walking away. A new experience for us to have it made on the spot. But we grabbed our nerve and went in and asked for two - yup - in Spanish - and they actually understood us!

 No need to explain how GOOD that tasted - 2 LARGE glasses for $16 pesos - $1.25.
And out of plastic bags of course. 

LOVE Mexico!

After that we went in search of fresh fruit and then headed home. Since we had swam in the morning we were all a pretty tired.

Today, we altered our approach. We FIRST went shopping and then swam in the afternoon - much better.

Putting more pesos on our banda ancha stick from TelCel was the first thing we needed to do today. When we signed up in Mazatlan we received 1G which lasted us until this morning. This was our first time putting more on it. 

In case you haven't read about the banda ancha elsewhere - here it is. The 'stick' plugs into your USB port and voila! Internet service. It's good to have in Mexico because even though most RV parks advertise wifi - often you can only get it close to the office or it might be down. 

We weren't EXACTLY sure where the telcel store was but we found one pretty quickly.

Francisco or 'Paco' made it all very painless. Because he has been serving Canadian and American clients from the RV Park his English is very good.

We then headed to Villa Corona's zocalo - central plaza.

Well, we couldn't just pass by something delicious looking, being deep fried, now could we? Derek figuring out what we were having for lunch!

And watching it being made. The rectangles are bean and cheese tacos - I'm not sure what the round ones are called but very similar but with chicken added, plus soft not crunchy.

 It was quite the spread and we even splurged on a pop! Grand total $41 pesos - so lunch for $3.15. Those ladies don't know it yet but I think they'll be seeing a lot of us!

Since we weren't far from the church we headed there next. 

The HUGE tree across from the church. 

We then headed back to the RV park but not without first stopping for some fruit. The second time now that I have forgotten to take pictures of the fruit/veggie stand. 

Look at what passed us on the walk back to Chimulco! 
We almost didn't believe our eyes - it took me a minute to put down our stuff and get the camera out - but I got it with zoom. Our very own google map car shot. 

Now I see that we also took a picture of two of our new friends that work here at Chimulco - Rodriguez and Jorge. 

I thought I'd leave you with a picture of our purchases - the fruit - with a HUGE container of raspberries - cost $62 pesos - $4.75 and our panaderia goods $35 pesos - $2.70. Try that at home!

We also stopped at the grocery store for some yogurt and coffee - INSTANT coffee!!! To know us is to know we LOVE our coffee. Sacrifices have to be made I guess!



Teresa and the rest of the Wood Clan

TODAY'S INTERESTING LINK: A BIG hello to Michael Ultra a new A LIFE MADE SIMPLE follower blogging over at RV0777. Michael just hit retirement and getting going as a full timer - check him out - looks to me like he's got some good stuff going on over there.


  1. So cute! I am a big fan of jugo de naranha!

    1. Nothing like fresh squeezed! She is darn cute isn't she! LOL

  2. Sorry, we just have to laugh. We so knew you were going to enjoy Mexico! There is so much more to see and do...

    1. MORE! Much more would mean we won't return back to Canada!

  3. Great pictures and it looks like you will eat well and enjoy swimming everyday. What a pleasant town. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna....

    1. Yup - a VERY nice town - the people are very friendly.

  4. Looks and sounds like a great little town to spend some time! We always really enjoyed being able to walk to places from our RV park... that's great that you are able to do that!

    1. Even with the van it's nice to walk - we pull everything out so not having to drive means we don't have to pack away.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Thanks Ruth - we were kind of wondering...... I tried to google it for more info but didn't find anything - in English anyway. Maybe we'll try to find it too!

  6. You were too fast for me Teresa. I noticed that my comment didn't have one link in it so I deleted it and you had already commented on it. I am having a problem with my internet at the moment so it has taken me a bit to get this back on. This is what my original comment was supposed to be.

    Kevin, in his comment above neglected to let you know that the picture of that church is not the "sand church". It is hard to find and is on the outskirts of town. You have to ask around but it is up on one of the back lanes going up the hill. Here is our post about it but unfortunately our pictures didn't come out well so we didn't include them.

    I found a picture on line and a map that accompanies it.
    . The church is called Cueva Puerto de Lourdes. It is walking distance, just a bit longer walk from centro.

    Kevin and Ruth

  7. Very nice photos from Villa Corona. We have been many times at Chimulco and at this time of the year the park was full !!! will read your adventure and maybe next year we might return in Mx. Have fun

    1. Thank you! Yup - numbers are down at all the parks - so sad.

  8. Instant coffee! We made a Soriana run yesterday and I looked over when we left but you were not there. We could have bought you some nice Veracruz coffee.

    That is the one thing missing in Villa Corona, a large grocery store. Now I have to go out for some orange juice!

  9. Love your new park !!

    Wonderful people, food, and scenery. Everything is so cheap !!

    Excellent blog post ... yes, again !!

    Have fun ... TnT

  10. Ah, the life in Mexico seems to be with you! I looked on my Google map and it seems your near Guadalajara, I really like my one day in Guadalajara...was nice and cool coming up from Puerto Vallarta. I remember a very industrial area in Guadalajara which you could find anything to put into a shopping cart to decorate your space. I'd think in a city as such you could find Mexican java beans. Mexico exports other items than the well known MaryJane. Mexico is now the largest exporter of organic coffees in the world!

    Enjoy, explore and find the real Mexico!

  11. We KNOW that we could get coffee bean in Guadalajara - we just don't want to go there to get it!

    Actually there are plenty of stores just 1/2 hour up the road - don't want to go there either.

    Much to happy just being in our quite little town.

  12. The photo with the fruit and other misc items from the panaderia, that's what I'm talking about...I love it tropical! It's currently 60F in Austin and heading to 70F; believe it or not that is still way to cool for my blood.

    Stay safe, keep it tropical and enjoy!


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