Saturday, December 1, 2012


Tuesday morning we were up and once again back on the road pretty early. Another day of driving - our destination was Huatabampito Beach, about 240 km (150 miles) to the south.

The plan was to stop at Walmart in Ciudad Obregon - a fairly large city - as we saw on google maps that it was right beside the highway. However, as we were entering into Guaymas on our way back to the toll road - look what we spotted - right a cross the street from Home Depot.

Our first Walmart shopping experience in Mexico. Yup - it's a Walmart but Mexican style.
Derek found some shorts and Bohemia Chocolate Stout beer, we got a new case for our new camera, and some groceries.

That only took and hour or so......we were a bit disoriented in the store and of course our brains were constantly trying to figure the peso price out to Canadian $$.

We then continued on to Guaymas because I had found out that there was a Scotia Bank there. Great - Derek - let's drive right into the downtown of a Mexican city so we can go to the bank! 

Entering into Guaymas - it only got busier - I should have taken more pictures - darn!

We found the bank no problem but parking was a whole other ordeal. That was eventually accomplished with only a short walk back to the bank. 

Nothing like taking money out in the thousands!

According to my google map we could turn left on the 26 to get us back to the highway. Funny that the 26 never appeared! As we drove the road went from asphalt to dirt.....hmmmm.. maybe we should turn around. So back towards the city we went - turned right on the 20 and back onto the highway.

Our final stop was for gas in Empalme. All went well and we were back on the 15 - only three hours behind! Sheesh!

You see all sorts of things on Mexican roads. This was our view while waiting for our turn at the toll booth. 

A really nice strip of road south of Ciudad Obregon.

Driving through Navojoa.


DAY 1: We pulled into the El Mirador Restaurant and RV Park in Huatabampito at around 4:30 pm - so it turned out to be about a four hour drive. As everyone says - the distance you can do in Canada or the US is much different then Mexico - so true.

We were going to come in the back way to avoid a toll but since it was late afternoon we just went to the 129 km marker and headed straight west. It was only a difference of $5. I didn't know how long the free road would take us since it goes through a few towns. Sounds like it may have been a better decision though since the road in that we took was VERY bumpy. LOTS of pot holes. Derek was seriously starting to wonder where I was leading us. I guess the 42 kms IN didn't help either.

But we were pretty happy when we arrived! 

What a beach!

DAY 2: Wednesday was spent at the beach .......

The cost per night at the El Mirador is 234 pesos - so around $18 for full hook ups.

When we first arrived their were two other rigs - Pete and Lynn from BC and Bill and Carol from Indiana. Late Wednesday we were joined by Karin and Klaus from Germany. Lots of new friends.

Here's a movie of the beach!

After the sunset we spent some time with Carol and Bill. Bill was the one flying the kites. We were invited to their RV to talk about places to visit in Mexico. C & B have traveled extensively throughout Mexico - and Central and South America by the way.... and can be found here

By the time we left we were C & B's new travel buddies. They were headed to El Fuerte on Friday and we were going to join them!

DAY 3: Thursday began with more beach time and then I joined Carol and Bill on a visit to Huatabampo - 16 ams away. They showed me around the downtown and we did some grocery shopping. On the way back we stopped at the central plaza so Carol and I could take a look at the mural in the Municipal Building.

 Back at the beach.....

Shells collected by Mom and arranged by Cassia.

Not a lot of shells on the Huatabampito beach but enough to make the walk a little more fun. 

You gotta love a beach with no one on it. Derek was able to walk Roofous off his leash. 

Amazing - right?!

We LOVED our three night stay at Huatabampito. It was a bit of a drive in but it was definitely worth it. We'll stop in again on our way back north.

The only negative was that we couldn't get wifi. Everyone else was able to - not sure if it was an Apple issue or what. A bit frustrating but I guess we got more beach time in that way. 

WoW! Mexico is just getting better and better. We sure enjoyed visiting with our new friends at Huatabampito - how nice to swap stories with fellow travellers. 

Hope this all makes sense - we didn't have wifi tonight until after 10:00pm. I was already done with today but figured I should keep trying to get caught up. (By midnight I STILL couldn't get this posted - but it's here now - Saturday morning!)


TODAY'S INTERESTING LINK: And speaking of Mexico and shells - here is a link that my sister passed my way. Pretty interesting and well, pretty strange - take a look


  1. We just loved it there too, the more you travel the more helpful people you will meet. And love Mexico More and more everyday, especially on the west coast there with the fantastic sunsets.
    I was able to get wifi with my Mac but only when sitting on the patio by the bar.

    1. I saw that you were here on your blog today. Yup - great sunsets for sure! I see we photographed the same palm! Oh - we so hoped it would work for us at the patio but no dice there either.

  2. What awesome beach and sunset photos! That is so cool you've found traveling buddies! I think that makes it more fun!

    1. GREAT beach! Definitely more fun - especially since our hosts are so gracious and generous to take us with them sight seeing in their jeep!

  3. Woweeee ..... what a beautiful beach and sunset !!!

    Please thank Carol and Bill for us, for taking you under their experienced wings !!

    Have lots of fun, and we sure enjoy your well written blog and photos ... one of the best for sure.

    Take care ... TnT

    1. Yup - Huatabampito is the place!

      Will do!

      Awwwww - you guys are always so sweet!

  4. Nice video!! And gorgeous sunsets should do a video of all of you, and just introduce yourselves!! I have made it to Florida, wait till you see my sunset/sunrise pics later this week!!

    Safe Travels...........

    1. Thanks BlackSheep!

      Ok - ummm - well maybe -- we'll think about it.....

      Glad you made it - yup - killer sunsets in Florida too! Can't wait!

  5. Nice place to rest your souls...muy bonito!

    1. You said it - we needed it after two days of driving.

      Just so you know - you have us wracking our brains for a name for the van. Derek must have spent a few hours on it the other night!

      Guess we'll have to do a post about it one day to get some help!


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