Saturday, December 15, 2012


We had a very busy day last Tuesday - not only did we get up at 7:00 am to be on the road out of El Chaco at 8:30 am AND drive for 5 hours to arrive at Villa Corona in the late afternoon - we ALSO headed into town for the evening.

The fireworks we heard in the night sky were just to hard to ignore. 

SOMETHING must be going on.

We went in search of - we didn't know what - and we didn't know where.

After asking a few people we realized that there was a plaza - 1 block down and 1 block right - and there was a fiesta - 1 block down and 3 blocks left. 

We went to the plaza first. We stopped to get Cassia a fresa paleta.

Yup - I'm looking pretty wiped!

A few steps in and look what we found - or what Cassia found actually. She was transfixed. 

Cassia's very first pony ride - for $20 pesos.

It seemed that most of the celebrations were over for the evening - so we just strolled around enjoying the atmosphere, decorations, music and lights. 

We found out too that it was the Our Lady of Guadalupe celebrations.

Carlos from one of the stands told us that the real Fiesta was the next day - Saturday.

So Saturday we headed back - at least we knew where we were going. Unfortunately we weren't sure of the time so we arrived a bit late to get a good position but the procession hadn't yet started. 

Notice the grass and poinsettia flowers on the street - that ran for quite a few blocks - amazing. Especially since we had been walking along the same street that morning for the jugo de naranja.

Following the procession we walked back to the main area. In addition to just sitting and enjoying the festivities we were looking for something to eat. Now, since this was before our two experiences of purchasing jugo de naranja and managing to order tacos at the plaza - we were still a bit intimidated by purchasing food at the stands - plus we weren't at all sure if it would lead to Montezuma's Revenge.

So - we settled on Pizza. The great thing about that was - in addition to great tasting pizza - the fellow spoke English since he had lived for 11 years in Utah. He suggested the tamales across the way....

Well, to know me is to know that I LOVE tamales!

Even better - his son Guillermo - in the black t shirt - came with us to translate. Not only did we order tamales but also atole. Have you had atole before? Neither had we.


Some how Cassia then convinced us to go on another ride. I wasn't sure if she would be up for it...

but she's still smiling.

Then back to see Carlos. Derek had befriended Carlos the night before - he speaks English and was giving us some info the night before. So, tonight we go for one of his canelas - a cinnamon tea with alcohol. 

I know - a definite trend here of eating and drinking.

All I can say is - how can you NOT eat and drink while in Mexico?!

Two last shots while we were just hanging out.

That was Saturday.


The propane truck came to us .... I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the bill! $120.65 pesos - $9.28 for 19 litres - 5 gallons! So, 48¢ a litre! 
Anybody know the going price in Canada right now?

The water truck also comes through the park 2 or 3 times a day - we got a 5 gallon bottle dropped off at our door for $13 pesos - $1.00.

A guy got his truck stuck in the lake.

Derek tagged along as Maria and Rodriguez worked on some washroom fixtures.

We called home - for free - using MagicJack on our ipad.

We swam twice. Derek and Cassia went down the HUGE waterslide - too bad I didn't have the camera because Cassia is "Never doing that again!"

Rodriguez told Derek and Cassia they could pick some plantanos.

And we walked around town - we THOUGHT that we were going to have lunch at the Plaza again but our ladies weren't there. If you can believe we just found out tonight that since we arrived we have been one hour behind everyone else - Central time zone here.

And we had a great chat with a group from Ohio - Mexican heritage - by the pool with fresh made ceviche that they shared with us.

The END. 

Well, looks like I am caught up to date again! 

Wonder what kind of fun we can find tomorrow......

Buenos Noches!


TODAY'S INTERESTING LINK: I don't know how this site passed me by but I found it today - Motornomadics. Bear8Photo (who I've linked before but will again - great photos!) is profiled in today's post.


  1. Really like all the festivals, sounds like that one maybe a national holiday?
    Propane is $16 for a regular sized bbq tank in Austin, TX I like your price, much much better.
    This place seems really neat where you're staying.
    We also have a love for good tamales.

    1. Love the festivals too! So glad we are spending Christmas here!

      Yup - that's usually what we pay in the USA - a bit more in Canada I think.

      You should put Villa Corona on your list for a future visit!

  2. Great post and pictures, we really love the life in small Mecican towns and you daughter will have a host of life's experiences after this trip including a first pony ride. be safe out there, wish we were parked next to you guys , Sam could be an honorary Grandpa, Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

    1. Thanks! Yes, we are thrilled that Cassia can experience the world outside of Canada. She is young still and probably won't remember much but it will be a part of her. We are working on her Spanish.

      Cassia could ALWAYS use another Grandpa. Another good thing about traveling - she meets so many people - young - old and in between.

  3. We just loved the small towns and local people, such a special time for you.

    1. Another great trip! Yup - the small towns are the best for us - not so crazy busy.

  4. Enjoyed the update.... wow..on the propane fill-up !
    Love all the colours in Mexico...your Plantano picture is REALLY nice.


    1. I know! about the propane!

      I should have mentioned that Derek took the Plantano pictures - he did very well - he tends to do that when I let him have the camera!

  5. We just love looking at your photos of all the bright colors in Mexico, and the smiles on the wonderful folks.

    Yep, food is definitely a big part of Mexico .... ha ha

    Keep having fun .... TnT

    1. The colours are great aren't they! Just seems so happy!


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