Sunday, December 9, 2012


Yesterday morning - Saturday - we made a date with Carol and Bill to take a drive down to the Malecon in the afternoon to see the cliff divers. 

With the morning free, Cassia and I headed to the beach for a couple of hours of sun and fun. We had a great time together sitting and looking at the shells. I also had a nice conversation with Val, from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, who stopped to talk to us as she was strolling by.

Here are the few shots we took from the Malecon around the cliff diving platforms.

As we drove up and parked we looked up at this house - IMAGINE their VIEW!

There were very few tourists about so the divers weren't diving. We could have paid them 50 pesos for the pleasure but we passed.

Instead we walked around the plaza area and went to get a closer look at the mermaid.

Viva Mexico!

A view of the diving platform in the background with the crashing waves in the fore.


Which ever way it is we LOVE them. Coconut anything!

Derek and I have been pinning for fresh coconut since we arrived - thinking of course that there were coconuts falling off every tree around here.

Since we have yet to stumble upon our own we decided to splurge on one from a vendor. Twenty five pesos was probably a bit on the steep side but there was a lot of coconut milk and it was gooooooood. We took it home with us and I was able to scrap out some of the meat but I wish we could have split it in two.

A first for Cassia.

With coconut in hand, we wandered over to the union of man and women statue.

From there we headed back to the Jeep.

Bill - our tour guide - with a a view of Mazatlan's real downtown. It was pretty neat to see albeit very congested. Along the way I snapped a few pics.

Cassia looking at the bus driver - the bus driver looking at Cassia.

Once back on the road that runs along the Malecon we stopped to look at the area where the fishing boats park. THE place to buy fresh fish.

Carol was pointing out to me how interesting it is too watch the boats being brought in. As the boat gets closer to shore a fellow puts two wheels under it and the rest of the group haul it in. We watched this boat throughout the process - quite the work out.

As this is the eve of our departure from Mazatlan these are the last of the photos of this area -- for now. We will be back here in March sometime on our way north to finish up our prepaid two weeks at Las Jaibas.

Today was a busy day cleaning and getting Caballito (our new name for our van - more about that later) organized. Being parked in one place for two weeks meant that everything has somehow made it's way out of the cupboards - what a mess!

I just mentioned to Derek that this was the first day since we arrived here - so a short 13 days - that we didn't go to the beach. I kinda missed it but we just couldn't squeeze it in today.

Oh well - we are off to Aticama tomorrow and will be pretty much parking ON the beach. 

So - pics of a totally new place tomorrow and most likely a few of the drive down - a distance of around 200 miles.

See you in Aticama!


TODAY'S INTERESTING LINK: As parents of a little girl we are always looking to introduce Cassia to our natural surroundings. Because Derek and I love the outdoors so much this isn't a problem. Still - I was happy to find Nature for Kids and look forward to using it as a resource in the future.


  1. Enjoy the trip and travel safe, On stone island the coconuts do just fall off the trees, huge forests of them there.

  2. Mazatlan and the local vicinity seem like a really nice area to spend some time!

    I'd imagine the local community is suffering greatly from the loss of tourism dollars. I wonder what % of the Mazatlan economy is truly related to tourism $ ?

    1. Mazatan is great - I wasn't so sure before - we are glad that Bill and Carol told us about it and let us follow them there. I was pretty impressed with the place. In the end it is a big city and it is nice to get to a smaller town now.

      Really really sad - the cruise ships stopped coming because of the bad press - you know that has got to hurt the vendors. Camping is way down too - most of the RV parks were empty or almost. However, in the paper it said that hotel business was good.

  3. More wonderful photos, Teresa !!

    Sounds like you are having the ideal trip !!

    As always, please stay safe and have fun ... TnT

    1. Thanks guys! So far, so ideal!

      Safe travels to the snowy north!

  4. Lovely photos. Reminds us of our Mexican honeymoon years ago.

  5. Thanks Lane - welcome to A LIFE MADE SIMPLE!


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