Friday, December 21, 2012


So as not to EVER be considered predictable -- guess what! We moved today. We packed up the van, we unplugged our cord and hoses and we headed out of Villa Corona!


Yup, and it was a GREAT drive too! Full of impressive scenery, a neat little village - with VERY heavy traffic on VERY narrow roads, a pine forest, a view of Lake Chapala and raspberry fields that went on f o r e v e r ........ and stopping for raspberries, strawberries and blackberries at the roadside stands.

Want to see!

Here we go!

Nice - right?! Did you see how red and juicy those berries were - and the price! Get OUT! 3 kgs of berries for $50 pesos - $3.85! Imagine a large yogurt container full of raspberries for just over $1!

Oh - you didn't see that?

Nope - nothing - nada - no pics!

You see, while I was happily editing my photos - thinking how nice many of them turned out and which ones to put in the post - suddenly they were gone - gone - gone - gone. iPhoto crashed. That's ok - let's just reopen and continue - as I have done before. But this time I have nice looking grey palm tree icon where my photos were. 


Well, that has NEVER happened before. Guess I had better NOT delete my pics when I download them off the camera until much later. Live and learn, live and learn.

My PLAN for tonights post was to show you our trip pics but not where we are - that's for tomorrow! I wanted to have pics to go with our exciting news about WHERE we are and WHO we are with. 

But look at this!

Yup - a map of Mexico!

With NOT a BLUE line evident.

After AGAIN changing our travel plans today we have realized that we really shouldn't be involving ourselves in such nonsense. US - stick to a plan?!

Not a chance - let's get real!

We know this - we are in Mexico, we are headed south, and we are going to the jungle and the city of Oaxaca - but when, where, how and all of that is probably best left for future consideration. Especially since we are now ensconced by a group of well seasoned veteran travellers in Mexico travel. The members of which will have their brains totally cleansed of all the info we need.

Ahhhh - how well a mind meld would work at this point.

And so here we sit at 6,900 ft in the interior of Mexico with cooler night time temps -- brrrrrrrrrr - 'It's starting to FEEL a lot like Christmas....' Derek actually saw his breath in the air tonight - or was that cig smoke?!!!

No seriously - it is cool cold here at night --  as in maybe close to freezing -- but that is ok - we are here with good friends and are looking forward to the next week or so as we get to know this beautiful new area of Mexico.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's BIG news!

** AND by the way here's a thought -- Why does mañana apply to everything in Mexico BUT driving?!


TODAY'S INTERESTING LINK: We were surprised to see so much berry fields today - almost all covered in white shade covers - here's an article about Mexico's berry production. SO glad we were able to stop at a line of stands to stock up - we'll be eating fresas, frambuesas, and zarzamoras for the next few days!


  1. Too bad about your pictures, I really hate when that happens. At least you have memories of them.

  2. Off chance the photos are still there just not showing. Here's instructions for viewing your iphot files to see if they happen to still be there.

    I keep a portable hard drive for backups, but flash drives are getting so cheap and small plus no moving parts that I'll strongly consider going that route in the future.


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