Saturday, December 22, 2012


Yes! Here we are at Hacienda Contreras - our BIG news! and our new location!

BIG for a few reasons - not only is Hacienda Contreras a very nice and well situated park .... we feel completely at home because we have read so much about it from Kevin and Ruth. 

Finally - our very own photo of the Hacienda Contreras entry arch.

We decided at the last minute to follow Croft and Norma from Villa Corona to Hacienda Contreras on Friday. It seemed like a great place to celebrate Christmas - with fellow bloggers and friends. Plus - since we didn't post our arrival, we were able to surprise Kevin and Ruth who had just returned from San Miguel de Allende.


Well, not really - but hey - how often do you have FOUR bloggers in one RV Park? Hmmm - kind of like the lightbulb joke.... How many bloggers does it take.......

We are thrilled to be in such esteemed company as:

Kevin and Ruth from Travel with Kevin and Ruth

Norma and Croft of Croft's Mexico

The amount of Mexico that has been travelled and the knowledge that has been compiled by these three is beyond believe! As newbie Mexico travellers we are thrilled to be able to spend time with this group of fellow travellers. 

Besides that they are just darn great people! It's going to be a memorable Christmas this year!

If you follow each of our blogs for the next week, you'll get four different perspectives and photos of the events! How great is that!

Anyway, back on track with our photos today - iPhoto hasn't let me down -- yet.

Sunrise here at Hacienda Contreras this morning. Yup - this is the first sunrise picture - EVER - I think. Sunsets are more our thing but we had a BUSY day planned.

Our site - as always - at the back of the bus.

Down by the HUGE tree which is actually only 50 years old.

After getting Cabillito settled last night and taking a tour of the park, we spent some time visiting with Kevin and Ruth. We have been following their blog since last year - so nice to FINALLY meet them in person. They have been a HUGE inspiration for us and our traveling here to Mexico. Their love of this country and it's people is very compelling.


Our first stop this morning was the Valle de Juarez market day.

We picked up some tomatoes and jalapeno peppers.


Yup - were spending quite a bit of time down here watching alcohol being made! A few weeks ago we visited the Los Osuna with Bill and Carol, now we were off with Kevin and Ruth, and the rest of the crew from the park, to visit a mezcal factory up in the mountains. 

The mezcal convoy....

An amazing view - a little blurry - it was a bumpy ride!

The burning pit.

The masher.

And the fermenting box. We were able to taste a bit of this - quite sweet and already tasting fermented.

A fascinating process. The oak fire heats the ceramic jars which are sealed with clay and fiber. The mash sits in the pots - the heat cooks it. The cool water is used to cool the base of the pot. When the hot distilled alcohol rises towards the cool upper surface of the pot it causes it to condense and drip into the pitcher. 

A little girl just beyond the distilling area.

And my little girl. Eating passion fruit that the son of the Owner had given to us to try.
We'll have to find some more of those - yum!

Heck with the whole mezcal making thing - Cassia spent her time with the new batch of 10 puppies!

A view down the hill to the neighbours.


While the rest of the group carried on to another location for lunch, we joined Kevin and Ruth for a hike along the road leading out from the factory. We were headed to the river which turned out to be more of a stream. Didn't matter - we continued on through the beautiful countryside.

A rare photo of the three of us - it usually IS just the three of us! Thanks Kevin!

On our way back we passed this house where the cows were being milked - plus this new little calf - only 8 days old.

We returned to the mezcal factory - the Owner is in blue - Don Jesus and his wife. They were very generous to offer us fresh cooked chayote - we each ate one there and they gave us a bag to take home.

A shot as we were leaving.

Not long after we had returned to the Park and our van ....  Owner Barb (with husband Sal) and her daughters came strolling down with burro Don Quixote. Cassia had met Don yesterday and was anxious to ride him.

A pretty exciting thing for a 3 1/2 year old. Don Quixote just wanted to get to his corn.

Here's a movie of the BIG event!

Then it was time to slow down a bit - we were pretty wiped from our hike - although you wouldn't know it from Cassia running around here at the back of the Park.

Derek enjoying his coffee sitting on the rock wall that lines the property.

Cassia doesn't need toys - just a corn field. Here she is deep in the field busy shucking a cob. 

Running to show dad - no time to stop for a picture!

The corn stacks ready for burning next door. Well, we think they are for burning - not sure...

Cassia standing on top of the wall proudly showing her corn cob and leaf.

So - a day well spent here at Hacienda Contreras. We have booked in for a week here and what a week it promises to be! 


TODAY'S INTERESTING LINK: Here's a link all about Mexico -- food, culture, travel and photography - four of my favourite things! - The Mija Chronicles.


  1. Yep, that looks like it was a pretty good day! Wait a was a pretty good day!

  2. You guys are just having way too much fun! Just the way life is supposed to be.

  3. Great post! Yes, we shared lots of adventures today with more to come.

  4. Brian & Sue checking in just a quick note about the corn - they stack it like that to dry - soon a big grinder machine will arrive with a crew and they will grind it all up and bag it - the bags are stored in a big warehouse in town - used for feed for cows etc. - they do not burn it - it could get dusty around here if we are stll here when they start to grind..........

  5. You 'lil stinker !! How could you keep that a secret !! A Blogger Convention for sure ... lol.

    Your job for the next week or so is to sit at the feet of these folks, and soak up all their info like a cute little sponge !!

    Cassia sure attracted a crowd when she "broke" that wild donkey !!

    Take care guys ... TnT

  6. Teresa, what was the very large 50 year old tree you showed in the picture; I want to plant one if they grow that fast! Wow, looks like a giant oak tree.


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