Wednesday, December 26, 2012


From our site here at Hacienda we have a great view of the surrounding farm land. When we first arrived and standing by the van speaking with Kevin and Ruth, we were discussing the curious looking building we could see in the distance to the north.

That's THE CASTLE - they said. And then proceeded to tell us about the expansive property and buildings built by a rich guy -- but he and his wife have never lived there. K and R went on to tell us about the large animal statues that are there and how to walk to the property from the Park.

"You just have to go to the back of the Park -- over the stone wall, down into the ditch, through the cornfield, under the barbed wire and onto the road."

So - this morning, Ruth, Cassia and I - 

Went to the back of the Park -- over the stone wall, down into the ditch, through the cornfield, under the barbed wire and onto the road. (Sounds like a Berenstain Bears story to us!)

The road.

And the view of the avocado and other fruit trees from the road.

It wasn't long - maybe 10 minutes, before we reached the entry gate. This isn't the official entry to the Castle - more like the back entry.

Just as we arrived these fellows came through with their load. Ruth spoke to them in Spanish asking if we could look around and that we had come from Sal's place the Hacienda Contreras.

The view looking back.

As we walked through the grounds we came upon THE CASTLE. Ruth told me it is called Tres Aguilas for the three eagles - each perched upon the dome roof.

The Castle is surrounded by all types of animal sculptures. A buffalo ....

and an elephant of all things. The elephant is the largest and has a prime location.

Lions flank either side of the entry on the north side of the Castle.

Imagine how excited Cassia was to find playground equipment there also.

Ruth turning the ball for Cassia.

A view looking east from the property. You can just see a bit of the official driveway on the right - lined with trees and John Deere equipment.

One of the buildings holds and impressive looking commercial kitchen.

A dinosaur sculpture just for Cassia. 
Have I mentioned that Santa brought her a set of six dinosaurs of her own?

Ruth and Cassia pausing for a moment on the swing.

With our tour of the Castle grounds complete we retraced our steps back to Hacienda Contreras.

We went down the road, under the barbed wire, through the cornfield, down into the ditch and over the stone wall.

I was glad that we took the opportunity to walk up there today. 

Derek and I have a bad case of itchy feet, so we've decided to leave here in the morning rather than wait until Friday.

Our destination?

Well, you'll just have to travel along. If you can IMAGINE our plan has changed yet again. Since our route and destination seems to be a moving target, we'll refrain from broadcasting it and instead let you find out as we do.

We ARE headed south though......

We have had a GREAT time here at Hacienda Contreras with our blogger friends - it was a nice place to spend Christmas. Owners Barb and Sal are very gracious hosts providing great service with a lovely and well run RV Park.

Derek and I are a bit sad to say goodbye to our friends, but by next week Kevin and Ruth, Croft and Norma and Chris and Juan will all be scattering in different directions also. We are pretty sure our paths will cross again and therefore we say -- hasta luego!

See you down the road!


TODAY'S INTERESTING LINK: With my limited time on the internet these days, because of solely using our telcel stick for the internet, I'm pretty behind on my surfing these days. This is the site I am using tonight that Chris told us about. If you are or will travel in Mexico it is a handy site - it is called Point to Point Routes in English - it appears to be the government site listing driving routes and distances. It also provides travel times and toll costs, which is very handy.


  1. A nice tour of the castle property, so unique.
    Enjoy your travels as you head, somewhere.

  2. Great little gem you've found.


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