Friday, December 7, 2012


Mazatlan by night - hmmmm - well if you are thinking that Derek and I decided to hit the night clubs and snapped a few pics you'll be disappointed. That train left the station a long time ago.

This post all started innocently enough.

Remember Friday and our trip to El Quetlite? A busy day - right?!

If you can believe it we were back at the RV Park by early afternoon - just in time to head for the beach.

Upon our return at sunset, I stopped in to see Bill and Carol who were watching the birds. 

Watching the birds?!

Yup - it's been one of our favourite past times for the last few weeks here at Las Jaibas.

Every evening around 5:30pm, the black birds return home in an amazingly large number. While doing so they pass through the park.

It's really quite the thing to see. We took these three pictures on our way back from the beach one night.

It was a bit hard to capture them because a) they move pretty fast and b) they fly in groups.

Derek decided to take a movie one evening - he caught the birds pretty well. And Cassia and I in the background since we didn't actually realize that he was filming!

Anyway, as we were discussing the birds, Bill asked if we had seen Mazatlan at night. Which was of course a no because - well, at this point - we've only seen the beach without Bill and Carol.

So we made a date to hit the town. I had 15 minutes to get the Clan fed and ready to go!

A HUGE heads up here - these pics leave a little to be desired. Hey - it's nighttime. PLUS - I could never ever photograph the kind of night we had. 

Mazatlan being a resort city - and seemingly a funky city - comes alive at night. Driving along the Malecon was amazing. Not only to see all the lights but watching people walking or roller blading along the Malecon, eating and drinking on the outdoor patios. 

Missing from this blog is the smell. There is something about Mexico and the consistent smell in the air - particularly along the coast. A mixture of cooking food, exhaust fumes and sea air. If you've been to Mexico you know what I mean.

We drove from the RV Park through the Zona Dorada, along the Malecon and into the Centro Historico. Nothing like walking around the Plaza area in the evening.

The lane adjacent to an arts school in Mazatlan. Lots of young people hanging around visiting with each other. We could look in the windows and either listen to the budding musicians practicing or a group of girls working on some kind of project. Boy did it remind me of my days in Architectural School.

The Mazatlan Cultural Center.

During our stroll we came upon The Jonathon - a swanky boutique hotel. Too bad we forgot to take a photo of the exterior. It has been remodelled but in a traditional style to blend in with it's neighbouring facades.

The interior was a completely different story.

Like the spiral staircase?!

What colour would you like?!

We were all fascinated.

We continued around the Plaza.

Along this length of the Plaza are the restaurants. To us it looked like one large restaurant - we were surprised to hear from Bill and Carol that there are actually eight separate places to eat.

How nice to see The Central Mazatlan Cathedral - Basilica de La Immaculate Concepcion at night.

A bit later we stumbled upon a large gathering. With all the people sitting at tables and chairs under large tents listening to fellow call out numbers it was hard to get an idea about what was going on.

Thanks to Bill for finding out for us.

The event was to celebrate Grandfather's day. We were listening to the announcer call out numbers of tickets for prizes.

We decided to hang around since we could see an impressive sized band waiting in the wings.

Great band - I really enjoyed the lady and the fellow on her left - you can see them in the video.

So many new things for Cassia to see these days. 

Bill, Derek and Cassia - watching the dancing.

Once the band started to play everyone was up on their feet. It was so neat to watch - all age groups accounted for.

LOVE this music! Happy feet!

Here, take a look and listen.

We went downtown to see the lights and we found a festival. 

You just never know.......

A magic moment.

Guess what! We visited another town today and a tequila factory! All in tomorrow's post.


TODAY'S INTERESTING LINK: A great link for you tonight! I'm pretty excited to pass on to you ramble crunch - a family that we can truly connect with - a dad, a mom, a girl and a dog. Renee liked 'a life made simple' on facebook - glad she did as it led me to her families site. They are currently living in Mexico but have traveled extensively in an RV - including Europe. Go in search of the pictures of the house they are renting in Chapala - $650! $650! 

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