Sunday, December 23, 2012


If you ever plan on showing up at our little cabillito for a meal unannounced -- make it BREAKFAST! We LOVE breakfast and go ALL out. It is almost always our largest, most grand meal. It's the reason why we can survive some of our busiest days.


Well, other than the fact that we are starving after being hopped up on two cups of coffee each, I'm not really sure.

Sorry, not true. It all has to do with the little thing we have found and totally latched on to here in Mexico - the Spanish chorizo sausage. Much different than what we can get at home. 

Bill, it's all Bill's fault. But not in a bad way - actually we should have our own little Bill statue here to celebrate the fact that he let us in on this very fine food. 

In order to keep you up to date on our lives I figured that you would have to know about how we eat while on our travels here in Mexico - may as well start with breakfast.

Today we incorporated the chayotes that we were given by Don Jesus at the mezcal distillery yesterday. They were given to us cooked so all I had to do was peel and chop them. There is a large soft pit in the middle like a lima bean. I cut it up also.

I placed it and the chorizo sausage (better picture of it below) with some oil in the cast iron frying pan.

When they were nicely cooked I added two eggs and scrambled them in. On the plate I added some green onions. YUM!

Today's breakfast also included some of our fresh berries that we bought at a roadside stand on our way here on Friday. AND we had a pineapple, coconut milk, orange juice and banana smoothie.

See what I mean - is that breakfast or is that BREAKFAST!

I took the next two photos a few weeks ago when we first started eating the chorizo sausage back in Mazatlan. The difference then was that we were also buying nopales - also introduced to us by the way by Bill and Carol. 

Nopales are the paddles of the prickly pear cactus. We like them and they are good for you. Although I added them to breakfast and therefore cooked them, I actually prefer them raw - by themselves or in a salad. 

Mr 'harvesting from the wild guy' Derek thought he could get one himself. Back he came with Cassia in tow all ready to prepare it for eating. What a sight watching him scrap off the prickles WITHOUT gloves OR a proper knife. And so - instead of nicely scrapping the surface as I have seen the ladies do in the grocery store - Derek ended up taking the peeler to it. AND I had to dig out the tweezers for him.....

In the end all the prickles were gone, the paddle was cut up and we happily ate some with dinner. 

For this breakfast I fry up some onion in the cast iron and then add the chorizo - then the nopales and then the egg until all cooked.

ANOTHER great breakfast - here the egg mixture is topped with creme - something very yummy we found here in Mexico - pretty much like sour cream. Some chip strips, avocado and lime and it is another favourite of the Wood Clan.

A short post tonight. This may be the new trend here at A LIFE MADE SIMPLE  - sadly. Today we found out that we are burning through our telcel amounts which is starting to become costly. PLUS we cannot hook up into the wifi here at the Park. It seems to be a Mac issue - the same thing happened to us in Huatabampito. Everyone with PCs can hook into the main wifi but us. grrrrrrrrrrrr (If you know why this is, PLEASE enlighten us before we spend ALL of our money on the internet).

Christmas eve tomorrow - we'll be busy cooking and eating. Guess what Cassia and I get to participate in! I can't wait!


LOVE tamales -- have I mentioned that yet?!

Other BIG news - I got my lost photos back from our trip to here from Villa Corona! YAY! 

As recommended I did a search. I then ended up having to do a repair on my iPhoto library (don't ask) and there they were back again! I WOULD add them in the post but not now with our telcel stick cruising through too many MB.

Thanks for checking in!


TODAY'S INTERESTING LINK: Do like Mexican food? Do you cook much of it? We eat a lot of Mexican food even at home. Although I have to admit it's not all that traditional. I look forward to making more authentic dishes when we return north. I went in search of a good Mexican cooking blog - this one looks promising - Mexico in my Kitchen.


  1. YUM! That's our kinda breakfast! We've been eating chorizo and egg tacos ALOT since we've been back in Texas! And we love tamales too! Never made them though! Enjoy the experience! Then the next time you are in Texas, you can teach me! We are having them for our Christmas Eve supper (one of our traditions!). Merry Christmas!

  2. Looks good! Cassia will like the whole Mexican Christmas thing!

    There is a "button" on the Banda Ancha "Connection Records" opening screen where you can see how much bandwidth you have used up at any time. It is a good way to track your usage. I see I have used up 2.2 GB since December 2, so I am on track.

  3. NM Christmas means tamales! Happy Holidays!

  4. Breakfast with Prickly Pear is very good, I add prickly pear to my smoothies and it turns them lime green. The Tuna or fruit of that same plant is deliciously sweet (Cassia would love it) with the most beautiful magenta color, the also have golden and green. Pick the fruit with tongs and gloves, but 1st burn the micro thorns off with a torch. Peel and blend and strain them, dilute as needed, add ice & yummy! I'm down to the last bit in my pitcher and will make a new batch today! They can be nice Christmas colors...

    You probably already know this: Live streaming, Music & video will use up your bandwidth the fastest. Surfing will use bandwidth, but less in most cases. Uploading and downloading files will use quite a bit. Compressed or just smaller photos will help alleviate the problem, however converting them can be a pain in the you know what! When surfing known web pages, you may be able to turn off the image viewing in your browser. Wish I could help you on the Mac connection issue; I own all Windows and Android products, they just seem to be better supported, due to the fact most people continue to use MS products.

    Have a great day in the Lord Jesus Christ.

  5. All looks good, and you are enjoying the whole Mexican experience.

  6. I would ask the bloggers over at about your wifi issues, They are apple die hards and computer people. They would probably love to help.

  7. Those breakfasts look absolutely mouth-watering delicious !!

    Teresa and I have porridge nearly every single day ... Hmmmm, funny that the neighbours don't come over to our place unannounced for breakfast ... lol.

    Sorry about the internet usage, because we LOVE your photos !!

    Maybe Santa will bring a spare gigabyte or two with him for Christmas !!

    Take care ... TnT


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