Thursday, December 6, 2012


If you can BELIEVE it - we have another sight seeing trip to tell you about. 

WoW! - right?! 

I know! But hey - Malpica and Concordia were last week while this trip to see El Quelite was this past Tuesday. Yup - I am closing in on my posts - only 2 days behind now!

So - Tuesday morning we all headed out again in Willie to see the quaint town of El Quelite.

This time we passed over the 15D - the toll road - to the 15 - the free road - and headed north and then east. One way was about 30 miles. 

The free road is in good shape.

A pleasant drive through the countryside.


The entry arch and a tope - the two things you can count on when entering into a Mexican village or town.

A statue commemorating the Mayan Ball Game - body parts such as the hips and thighs were used - the use of hands and feet was not allowed.

Upon entering El Quelite we first drove down the extent of the 'main street'. It wasn't all that bad but it was still funny to see a semi parked at the end.


Our first stop .....

To visit with the 'bean ladies'. This is the bean sorting table - the ladies spend the day sorting the debris from the beans. Bill and Carol visit here each time they come to El Quelite so it was a bit of a home coming for them. 

Not just the ladies...


From there we went back to the main strip, found a parking spot and went for breakfast at the El Mesmon D Los Laureanos.

This building was once the home of a General in the Revolution - he died at the age of 28 years old. I am sure there is much more to it but this is what I recall from Bill's translation. 

A large mural just inside the door.

Not really sure exactly what this is but he is positioned over the door. As you walk in this fellow is looking down at you. Interesting.

After you walk into the main door and down a flight of stairs you are brought into this courtyard - the dining room. Amazing since you would have no idea from the street. LOVE Mexico and their inner courtyards.

While we were waiting for our orders we were served chips, salsa and cheese - local cheese - more about that below. Derek was pretty quick on the draw - that's his fork there. Lucky I got a picture before it was gone. 

What's a meal without roosters walking around.

Cassia was pretty interested if not a bit perplexed.

Yup - a pretty cool way to display your family tree.


Said Carol.....

The sink in the women's washroom. For a minute there I had to think about the water faucet. It looks so much clearer in the photo.

And the men's. Guess what the pig is for?

The men's sink.

When we returned Lola had arrived.

Lola seems to be the restaurants main attraction.

Carol offering Lola a chip.

Me, trying to convince Cassia to visit with Lola. I bet she was really wondering about all the wildlife in the courtyard. 


Just LOOK at that! Look at what? Why -- the ORANGE iguana of course!

With all the things going on in the restaurant courtyard I didn't get a chance to tell you how GREAT our meal was. REALLY. It's right up there with one of our best meals EVER. Remember Shucks in Abbeville, Louisiana and Moon Spin Pizza in Thomasville, Georgia from last years trip?! Well, put our breakfast from the El Meson D Los Laureanos on the list. 

The tall glass of cold fresh squeeze orange started the meal only to be out done by the caramel pudding that finished it off. I had the huevos rancheros - one of my favourites, while Derek had the Pork Carnitas which was delicious. I'm not even sure what Bill and Carol had since I was so distracted on our side of the table. Thanks to Bill and Carol for treating us to this VERY memorable meal. 

With our meal, and look around the restaurant, complete - we began our walking tour.

I'll take it - just my colour!

Derek admiring a tree - not even sure what kind of tree. 

I'll take this one too! On a bit of a slope - not the house - my arm! I was also carrying Cassia.

And YES! They had a fragrance - LOVE it when a beautiful flower smells beautiful.

As we were walking down the street we spotted this place and decided to go in. Good thing we had our trusty tour guides. How would we have ever known that this is a .........

cheese factory!

The cheese maker at work. 

Further a long - a VERY large tree. 

And cactus growing on the roof. Boy this place has it all.

You have to laugh - Bill and Carol call this a 'mother in law paint job'. A very nice looking house - strangely it is painted on the other side. 


So, El Quelite is home to cock fighting. As Carol said - more glamorous to talk about then to see. No way would I have the stomach for that! This is the place where they are raised and housed. Each is on a leash. Do you see the dog sleeping in the picture - middle right.

And yes, they all had something to say while we were there.

Well now, who knew that roosters could be so darn handsome!

The rooster yard is right beside the El Quelite cemetery.

On to the bakery......

We can always use more Mexican pastries.....

Next stop -- El Quelite's Plaza.

It didn't disappoint and offered much needed shade.

More unguarded stairs - we sure have to keep an eye on Cassia with these.

There was music playing so there goes our father and daughter dance team.

El Quelite's Church. Again - asymmetrical - very nice.

Fairly modern design.

A drive by tour of the interesting cacti lining the side of this house.

And we had good fun explaining to Cassia that this little girl was getting a ride home from school on a horse.

What's a trip without stopping in at the local shops.

This beautifully coloured building housed a women's boutique.

LOVE this dress. Probably more on the hanger than on me.

And next door the leather shop.

 It's been a while since I've seen a ceiling this neat.

And with the leather shop was the end of our tour of El Quelite. Could you tell how HOT it was. We were jumping in and out of the air conditioning of the Jeep. 

Good thing that Bill and Carol - separately - warned us to make sure our camera battery was charged. I think this MAY be a record for photos (63 by the way) - to date - but we have a lot of trip left.

I hope you enjoyed this tour of El Quelite as much as we did. Remember to visit Carols' blog for her pics of El Quelite and more importantly for her story about the iguana poop.

If you can believe - we came home from this tour - spent the afternoon at the beach and then went and toured Mazatlan by night. Those pics in tomorrow post. 

Buenas Noches from Mazatlan


TODAY'S INTERESTING LINK: Yaaaaaaaaaaa, I have found ANOTHER homemade beauty site! Fresh Picked Beauty surfaced today on facebook linked from another blogger. I cannot WAIT to spend some serious time here and fingers Xed that I can make some stuff in the next few weeks. 


  1. Thanks for the your of El Quelite, that was one place we didn't get to but heard about it. Gotta love Mexico, keep having fun and be safe.

  2. You guys can wear me out just reading your posts and scoing your pics!! Makes my blog look lame....oh well, I'm so laid back in Florida its ridiculous! Time for a siesta!!

    Safe Travels.........

    1. I hear ya BlackSheep - we are working hard to keep us with a couple of 70 year olds!

      Laid back is good!

      Now back to your siesta!

      Sadly our 3 1/2 year old has no idea what that word means! sigh

  3. I love Mexico! It is so colorful (in nature and in man-made things)... We are back in the land of Mexican pastries and I love it! Thanks for sharing! I'm loving the tours!

    1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the colours!

      I'm happy that you are back in Texas!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Your giving me anxious toe twitches reading your postings of Mexico! I seem to relate very well, does this mean I really am a Mexican or still just a Texican?! Either way it all seems good to me! Enjoy, be aware and explore.


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