Monday, December 24, 2012


CHRISTMAS EVE here in Mexico! 

TAMALE DAY here in Mexico!

As you may recall, I mentioned yesterday that I would be participating in the tamale making this afternoon - which I fully intended on doing - but it wasn't to be.....

All was well this morning. We woke and we ate our yummy breakfast. Because I needed to pick up some last minute items for todays potluck dinner here at the Park and go to the bank, I joined Chris, Kevin and Croft on their errand run to Mazamitla - the neighbouring town.

It was a busy little place. We spent a few hours going here and going there. It was all much fun but sadly I can't share any of it because I forgot my camera. Funny - four representatives of four blogs and not a camera among us this morning. 

When we returned to the Park and I got back to the van, I found out that Cassia was napping and running a fever. By the time it was tamale time I was singing songs in the hopes of her returning to sleep.

I did make it up activity room just as the ladies were finishing up!

Sal's (Barb and Sal are the Owners) sister stacking them into the HUGE pot ....

where they steam for two hours.

This afternoon was spent trying to get Cassia to rest. For a girl not feeling well and really hot she sure still had a lot of energy. I also got myself together by the late afternoon to make sweet potato latkes with cilantro and lime crema for our contribution. 

By 6:00 we were headed up to the activity room for the Hacienda Contreras Christmas Eve Potluck dinner.

Things are just getting started.

Nice to have a Christmas Tree this year and of course a great group to spend time and good food with.

Cassia enjoyed looking at the ornaments. The youngest at the party by far.

There was quite a spread with all the couples bringing a dish or two. Here are my tamales topped with a  chopped vegetable sauce.

Our only picture during the meal - I'm sitting beside Kevin with Ruth to his right.

Of course we were really just there for the dessert - right Cassia! 

By 8:30 pm things were wrapping up and Cassia had fallen asleep in my arms out on the deck. Earlier, Cassia was surprised to find a wrapped present under the tree with her name on it. Santa came early - she was pretty excited to open the movie Nemo.

She'll be getting the rest of her presents in the morning - Santa DOES stop in at RV Parks in Mexico too, don't you know!

Looking back, we spent Christmas 2010 at Pilot Knob, Arizona, 2011 at Venice, Florida and this year, 2012 in Valle de Juarez, Mexico.

The best to you all on this magical night!


TODAY'S INTERESTING LINK: I didn't realize when I posted a few days ago that there were four bloggers here at Hacienda Contreras, that there are actually FIVE! Brian and Sue are here too!


  1. A Merry Christmas to yu and yours from Sam & Donna. tell Cassia Rigg's said if she was here he would give her a big sloppy Lab lick.

  2. Merry Christmas to you all there, looks like a great time

  3. Feliz Navidad from our gang on la Isla.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Many thanks for sharing your Mexican journey with us, we've had a blast riding along. Happy holidays from Brian & Nancy in Austin, TX

  6. Great memories. Thank you for sharing them.


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