Thursday, January 12, 2012

Beautiful British Columbia -The West Coast

We temporarily interrupt this travel blog about the southern USA with a side trip to the West Coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia Canada. Derek and I see so much beauty every winter on our trips south to the USA but we always remember - and are happy to tell people that we meet - that we come from a very beautiful place as well. 

With all of our pictures and stories of the Florida beaches we visited around Christmas - my sister was suffering from a severe case of beach envy. And so - not far from beaches themselves - my sister and her husband set out over the holidays to the coast.

Now if you have never been or seen pictures this is a particularly beautiful part of the world and draws tourists from around the world. The most popular town in the area is Tofino, however Ucluelet is also beloved.

On this day my sister and her husband visited the beaches of Wickaninnish, South Beach and Florencia. The tide was in and the waves high, there were some anxious moments as David headed for higher ground on a rock and my sister ran for the beach.

Look at the blue colour in the waves!

Diana and David live just south of Duncan BC and so this was quite the drive for them - there and back in one day. Plus they walked and walked for the day - I can imagine they were sore from all the sitting and walking from the day.

To get from one side of the island to the other they need to drive over a mountain pass - not HUGE - but enough to encounter snow. YES, they do get SOME snow on Vancouver Island.

Yikes! Driving in snow - not so fond memories. 

Thanks to David for expertly driving them through this weather and reaching home safe and sound.

What a neat picture.

I thought that y'all would appreciate seeing something completely different - especially for our southern USA visitors to the blog. If you ever get the chance to visit our part of the world we highly recommend it. Feel free to write us to pick our brains of places to visit etc. We would love to share the province of British Columbia (or any other part of Canada) with you!

Thanks for checking in!


Today's Interesting Link: Diana and David Pink are true entrepreneurs and a very talented couple. Check out there businesses - Pink Creative Concepts - in case you are in need of some design work or if in need of some irrigation know how at Warm Land Waterworks.

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  1. Teresa and I LOVE British Columbia, and especially the island.

    It was our dream to move to Qualicum Beach, Parksville, area, but now with a granddaughter, I don't think it is going to happen

    We enjoyed our visit to Tofino a couple of years ago ...


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