Friday, January 27, 2012

Shucks Restaurant, Abbeville La

Once we reached Abbeville we went in search of Shucks. All we knew was that it was on Port Street but without a map we were stumped. We were on the 14 bypass and realizing fast that we needed to do something or we were going to sail right through this small city. 

Would you believe just as we thought that there appeared the Visitor Center and Chamber. So Derek took a hard right into the parking lot. 

What luck! 

And further luck because just as I got out of the truck - Lynn from the Abbeville Chamber of Commerce was heading out the door. Great lady - we had a nice conversation and she was happy to give us the 'easy' route to Shucks. Good thing we stopped, I doubt we would have found it without Lynn's help.

But find it we did!

You may be thinking - boy these guys seem to be eating out a lot these days. And it does seem that way doesn't it. Now - let me explain that the Wood Clan doesn't eat out all that much. We would if we could but our lifestyle doesn't really leave room for such a luxury. If we had the $$ Derek and I would probably be happy with eating ALL of our meals out - it's not that we don't like to eat out....

Anyway, we have been out a bit more lately then usual because we LOVE seafood. We don't get it at home and we know this area is known for it's seafood - fresh seafood. We also knew that Abbeville would probably be our last chance to sample seafood in Louisiana for this trip.

The picture above is the three of us with Shucks Manager Rene' Hunt who was our server for our meal. Now - we just have to say that I don't think we have EVER been treated so well by a server EVER. Rene' took us newbies right under her wing and treated us like gold. Not only that but she was so preceptive to know that, although we wanted to try some real cajun food, we were on a budget. She gave us her honest opinion and really worked hard to suggest the best values and ways to sample Shucks  food.

Thanks Rene' - we so appreciated the time you took with us!

I went and took a few pictures in the shucking room.

I started with a cup of the 'etoufee'. Which I have to say is the one of the best things I have EVER eaten.

Derek chose the seafood gumbo - another great choice.

We then shared the 'seafood platter'. Fried Oysters, Stuffed Crab, Shrimp, Catfish, Stuffed Shrimp, Oyster Boulette and Fries.

The plate may not look big but it packed a lot of food. So much so that by the end Derek and I could barely eat another bite. We LOVED it - it was all great. 

And then would you believe Rene brought us a surprise!!!

Homemade Bread Pudding with Hot White Chocolate Buttered Rum Sauce! Now how can you pass that up - surely we could find some little corner of our stomachs for this!

All finished we bid a sad goodbye to Rene', she had become a friend. Just as were were leaving, Bert Istre, one of the Owners came by to say hello. How nice. Boy how special everyone has made us feel at this restaurant.

And good thing we inadvertently ended up there a little early - about 4:30. When we arrived there were a few people there - but as we were leaving there was a steady stream of cars coming into the parking lot.

No surprise though!

Our meal was one of the BEST I have had in a long long time. The last great meal we had was at Moon Spin Pizza in Thomasville.

The reason is because both of these fine establishments pay huge attention to detail and the QUALITY of the food!

Great people! Great food! at Shucks.

If you are anywhere in say a 500 mile radius :) of Shucks - go - you will LOVE IT!

Thanks for reading.....hungry for seafood?


Today's Interesting Link: Trent and Teresa also stopped in Abbeville. I'm sad that they missed Shucks but they seemed to have found themselves some good food also. They sure must have a lot of good food in this place.

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  1. Hi Teresa. We had heard of Shucks but our friends wanted to go to Suire's and the Riverfront.
    But you are right, there are some great restaurants in the area !!
    Hey, thanks for mention today !!
    Take care ... Tnt


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