Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lake Fausse Pointe State Park, Louisiana

Here we are at Lake Fausse Pointe State Park. If you have a few minutes to spare, please get comfortable, I have a lot of pictures and be forewarned there is going to be a lot of gushing about this place.

We found out about this state park from the friendly and helpful ladies at the Atchafaya Welcome Center yesterday. What can we say

this is THE best state park we have EVER been too

Except for maybe Picacho Peak State Park over in Arizona. They'd be tied I guess.... maybe .... hmmm ..... Lake Fausse Pointe is probably ahead by a hair.

Let me tell you - and show you -why!

Admittedly it is a bit of a drive in here to the park. Not so good if you want to tour around but great if you want some peace and quiet - just make sure you bring a lot of groceries.

We didn't - since this wasn't a planned side trip. The store is 25 miles away one way - so come prepared.

Derek and I knew it was the place for us as soon was we turned in and drove over the bridge - another jaw dropper - wwwwwwwwooooooooooooowwwwwwwww.

Site #19 at Lake Fausse Pointe State Park. Nicely parked beside the restroom/shower/laundry building.

speaking of....

Our backyard so to speak BEFORE last nights storm.

While viewing these photos please imagine hearing a chorus of frogs in your mind - or better yet find some on yt to listen too. The sound of the frogs is almost deafening near the restroom building - LOVE IT.

There are a LOT of birds here. I won't even try to photograph any with our camera - beautiful red ones though.

Derek and I were up very early this morning about 6:30 I think. We were just glad to be able to step outside with no rain. We are also just so darn excited to be here we just couldn't sleep in. But some little sleepy head we know did - so it was nice for us to sit out and enjoy our coffee looking out at the trees and water.

The camp host stopped in this morning - there was 3" of rain last night. He also told us the park is 4' below sea level. 

The main entry gate house - nice. Would make a nice house....

Since check out isn't until 1:00 we have decided to spend the morning enjoying ourselves. After breakfast we went for a walk to the nature trails. It is cooler (thankfully) then it has been but not too bad. Still clouds but the sun did shine a few times.

Of course our walk first took us past the playground - there are 2 here if you can imagine. Cassia is looking pretty excited - a full run.

Then off to the boardwalk and nature trails.



The look out.

The trails were a little dicy this morning. Yes - I walked through this to get to Derek carrying Cassia.

Just after this photo the trails got REALLY wet and so we turned back. We met and talked awhile with a couple from Michigan on the bridge. We had been told that little itty bitty alligators were hanging out near the interpretive center so we headed over to take a look.

Hey - you can play 'spot the alligators' - hint - there are 3.

Heading back to our site meant passing by the playground again. Can't pass by without a stop in.


So - these last 24 hours have been a real highlight of the trip. We will definitely be back here - hopefully next year - with a weeks worth of groceries. It is not a bad deal $22 for the first night, $16 per night after that with water, electricity, dump, restrooms, showers, wifi and FREE LAUNDRY.

yup you read right


are you kidding me? 

If those aren't the two most glorious words I have ever heard (at this moment) I don't know what they would be.

I am truly embarrassed to admit just how many loads we did - suffice to say we washed pretty much everything that can be washed in our trailer. 


ahhh life is good. We survived the storm last night - albeit a bit rocked by the loud and thus very close lightening and thunder - but no high winds or tornado!


We have about an hour left here and then we are off to St. Martinville, New Iberia and the Tabasco Factory. Good times.....should be a good day.

Thanks for letting me gush ....... I could go on ........ should I? Nope - better get going to give Derek a hand getting us ready to pull out.

Here's our video!


Today's Interesting Link: Why not get a head start on us. Here is the link to New Iberia and the Tabasco Factory at Avery Island. 

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  1. Wow, what a great park !! You are sure putting on the miles lately ...
    Glad you are having so much fun !!
    Take care ... Trent


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