Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy to be in Louisiana

Today wasn't an exciting day - but - it was a GOOD day.

It was another early day. When we are traveling every day and stopping overnight in parking lots we tend to get up early - pack up and - go. We generally have a light breakfast and then another down the road.

Back on the interstate our main job for the morning was to get through Baton Rouge. Not a HUGE city or all that complicated, but we were on Interstate 12 that joined back up with I10 just east of Baton Rouge and then turned and divided into the I10 and I110. 

The amount of traffic and all the on's and off's are what need to be kept track of. Which is my number one job - I'm Derek's Lane Coach - I help him to keep track of which lane to be in. We are getting really good at this and Derek did well under the pressure.

Approaching Baton Rouge on the I10.

Approaching the bridge over the Mississippi River.

The Mighty Mississippi - again!

 Is that blue sky I see - it has been days and days of grey.

Once we got through that we started to breath again. After Baton Rouge the Interstate goes on being the Interstate but with one exception.


Not to far west of Baton Rouge - there are two signs:

1. Trucks Right Lane next 18 miles.
2. No gas for 20 miles.

Both interesting - I guess the gas sign you see every once in a while but usually not on the interstate. The truck one perplexed me - why for 18 miles?

Anyway, I soon forgot them.

But after awhile of relative quite in our truck - Derek said - 'boy this is a long bridge'.

And you know what - it WAS a long bridge - hmmmmm

About 20 miles long - in both directions - 2 lanes each. So we ended up having a whole conversation about the feat it was to build these two 'bridges' over the swamp or bayou I guess would be the correct term here.

About the best picture I could get.

An even better picture from the Welcome Center.

I googled the bridge and learned that it is called the Atchafalaya Basin Bridge - the twin bridges are 18.2 miles long - the 14th longest in the world. Pretty neat.

Speaking of the Welcome Center - yup - we stopped at another. There had been no rest areas to this point and with all the excitement of Baton Rouge and such we were happy to stop and rest and eat. 

So, so, so glad we did.

The Atchafalaya Welcome Center.
THE nicest Welcome Center we have EVER visited. Great info and display inside, very very nice ladies, complimentary coffee, and beautiful grounds.

Note to our travel friends - you CAN park overnight at this WC.

Yaaaaa - more rocking chairs finally!

The picnic area with the wildlife.

And a HUGE tortoise.

We gained some great info from the ladies at the Welcome Center regarding New Iberia and area. We also learned of a State Park in the area. We weren't necessarily planning on a state park tonight - it was going to be the Walmart in New Iberia.

However, with a storm coming our way and in desperate need of some cleaning up we thought it might be a good idea. When I found out it had laundry and wifi - in addition to the water/electric hook ups and showers - it was a done deal.

And so we very quickly went from the Interstate and the surrounding bayou

to this nice country road leading us to the park.

We are now sitting comfortably at Lake Fausse Pointe State Park. The storm has just started and the rain is sure coming down. Heavy thunderstorms, wind and a possibility of a tornado have been forecasted.


It has been a very warm and humid day and evening. At least this is cooling things off a bit. But I certainly hope we are left intact.

Stay tuned!

Thanks for visiting!


Today's Interesting Link: If you know your geography - and the State of Louisiana - you will notice that we TOTALLY missed New Orleans. That's right. We are not going. We have never been and that is ok. We are not up to taking on this city this year. And after reading about Glenn's adventure just a few days ago we may never go - but hey - never say never - right!

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