Thursday, January 19, 2012

Crystal River Preserve State Park

Monday we said a sad goodbye - or see you later - to Barbara and Terry. Before we left we were able to empty and fill our tanks and after playing in the sand Cassia got a bath. All set - we hit the road.

From Barbara and Terry's we found our way back to the 39 north. We DID cross over the 60 - again - but still loaded with fruit from the Strawberry Palace we didn't stop in but continued north on the 39 through Plant City. We also passed the Red Rose Inn where we stayed for the Grace Conference not too long ago.

We continued on the 39 until just below Zephyrhills where we took a right on Chancy Road. Barbara and Terry tipped us off to Chancy - a bypass that meets back to the 39 just above Dade City. That's what's great about knowing the locals!

Anyway - we made our way to Brookville and then on to Homosassa Springs. It didn't take us very long.

So we headed north to the Cyrstal River Preserve State Park - a rare state park with free entrance.

Good thing too cuz there isn't much there!

We stayed parked in their lot for the afternoon - took a few walks and then a nap.

We stayed until sunset - looked like a shrimp boat going out for the night.

So - not the most exciting of days - but it got us closer to the Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park where we went on Tuesday. 

We stayed at the Homosassa Springs Walmart for the night. Good news! Seems that you can add it to the list of Walmarts in Florida that you CAN overnight. We were no alone - when we drove in there were three other rigs. We were happy to see them!

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  1. Looks and sounds like a boring place!! Oh well, theres always tomorrow! By the way, I have had to restrict access to my blog comments due to a very nasty and mean troll...albeit temporarily anyway! You can email comments to me though...

    Safe Travels............John


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