Monday, February 16, 2015


And if you are road traveller, you'll know that these two towns are very far from each other.

621 miles or 1000 kilometres to be exact. Well, not exact - it's the number that google maps gave me - my records show 610 miles. I'm actually pretty impressed on how close the numbers are! If you were to do this trip undoubtedly you'd come up with a much lower number because - well, we had a few things going against us ending up in a detour. 

I'll apologize now for all the photos. I really should be putting them in two posts but can't be bothered. I'm behind in our posts, I only have tonight to try to get one and maybe two posts up, it's 9:35pm after a long day and the wifi here at the RV park is dodgy! I have some popcorn and salt and vinegar chips here to ease the pain so don't worry about me……

Here we go - two days on the road for the Wood Clan from Texas to New Mexico to Arizona!

On the 118 headed north out of Study Butte Friday morning. It was a sad goodbye.

It's a pretty nice ride - not overly exciting but a subtle but rich landscape.

Another inspection station. I'll tell ya - I've lost count how many of these we have been through this winter and during our six winters of travel. 
This year they've all checked our passports - something new. By my count we have one left.

And then this happened!

Amazing right! Snow. Just south of Alpine. So while we were getting cool temps and rain down in Study Butte, this area was getting snow - and a good amount of it too!

Only in pockets though and much of it had melted. Here we are coming down into Alpine.

Now back on the 90 heading west out of Alpine. We didn't stop nor did I take pictures as we went through. We did a good job of Alpine last spring.

It wasn't long before we were at our destination for the day. Nice for all of us that it only took us a few hours. We decided to spend the night at the Marfa Lights Visitor Center.

Although we have been in and around the Marathon, Alpine, Fort Davis, Marfa area many times, we have never been on the road from Alpine to Marfa and so have missed this stop. It was time.

 To at least try to see the Lights.

Our overnight spot. 

Sadly, all we got out of the deal was this amazing sunset. I got Derek to go out and take it - he wasn't overly impressed because of the poles but I think it's pretty neat.

In the end we didn't see the Marfa Lights and didn't have a great night. It was VERY busy with all the people stopping in to see them - or not see them. We just never thought it would be such a draw. Being Friday night might have been a reason. 

Saturday morning back on the road. For those of you that have taken this route - a view of the blimp.

We stopped at Van Horn for gas and then we were on the Interstate. 

Driving the I10 from Van Horn to El Paso is a bit painful - only one picture for you. I tend to forget to take pictures when we have been on a road repeatedly.

Coming into El Paso. 30 or so miles of traffic. Not our favourite but it had to be done.

Again, we've been this way many times over the years - good to see they are making steady progress on the road construction.

Thankfully by the time we passed the downtown area the traffic thinned.

Of course, El Paso will now always have a special place in our hearts after our winning tickets to the Gordon Lightfoot concert at the Plaza Theatre last year.

We pulled off at exit 11 to stop in at Specs. Been to Specs before? They have a great craft beer selection - it was time to stock up.

Then we carried on north. 

From here we headed to Las Cruces and stopped at Walmart for a grocery stock up. 

The plan was to do that and then carry on to Leasburg Dam State Park. Which is what we did. What wasn't part of the plan was that the park was full. Full. 
The three things working against us we realized later was the fact that it was the weekend, the park isn't large and Snowbirds like the southern NM parks. 

A pain in the butt because we were planning on staying three nights.

New plan: We continued on to Hatch - where we were planning to go anyway - in yes, three days!

Here we are on the scenic back way over to Hatch.

And why are we in Hatch? For the Robot….

or for the archer…..

or for ….. 

Funny - remember the last time Cassia posed with the Colonel

Yup - we were in Hatch for Sparky's!

We've been dreaming of their Strawberry Chile shakes and Hatch green chile burgers for a year now.

With the State Park out we needed an overnight spot. We thought about side street Hatch but with it being Saturday night in a Saturday night drive around type of town we moved on.

Along the 26. Solar panels out in the middle of nowhere.

Does the Wood Clan know how to pick a campsite or what! Actually it was somewhat legit as this is attached to a rest area. We just followed someone else's example. It was a very peaceful night. 

We all had a good laugh that night as we watched the red lights of the windmills go on and off. No Marfa lights but we got this!

And a visitor the next morning.

Sunday morning - on our way to Deming.

Wow! Actually something interesting to photograph now back on the Interstate!

Seventeen miles west of Lordsburg and we got on the 80 south.

Such a lovely drive. We haven't been on this route since 2006.


We made a quick stop at Geronimo's Last Stand Monument.


As we neared Douglas and the USA/Mexico border it was looking a lot like rain.

But that was south and we were headed a bit north.

We had arrived.
 Bisbee, AZ. 
One of our favourite places although Derek and I haven't been here since 2006. 

Our two day travel map. If we known about Leasburg Dam State Park we really should have just taken the 9 along the southern edge of New Mexico to get to Bisbee. We went up - only to come back down. 

But then no Sparky's.


All for me tonight!

We've been enjoying our two day stay here in Bisbee. Those photos the next time we have a good wifi connection - not sure when that will be.

Tomorrow we are back on the road.



  1. Enjoy Bisbee, always a fun place to hang out.

  2. Check out Old Bisbee Roasters if you want some outstanding coffee beans! Always enjoy your blog with the great pictures.

    1. Thanks Michael! Actually we did! Seth - great guy - we bought two pounds of beans from him to take home.

  3. We are enjoying this part of your trip because these are places hubby and I traveled in our Class B. Brings back memories! I googled the words that were on the pink and white rv you passed. Interesting story behind that. She is on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and has a blog. Enjoy your day!
    Connie in PA

    1. Us too Connie! I'm glad! I googled it too but we have such a slow signal here I gave up - I look for it again sometime.

  4. Good old Hatch.....went thru there a few times back in 2011 with an overheating Ford pickup!! Stopped in total darkness right next to that solar farm one night to let engine cool.....all night long heard the creaking of the panel trackers as the panels moved back to the east to catch the morning rays.....I workamped outside of Deming at a Bowlins Travel Center off I-10. As I recall the Border Patrol was everywhere out there. Did you go to The THING?? Or was your turnoff before it?

    Safe Travels

    1. Ha! A great story …. now…… I remember that you said you were by Deming. Nope - we turned off before The Thing but have been by many times. Never went in. I recall you and all discussed it in the comments section here a few years ago...

  5. Thank you for taking us along on your drive. Love the photos of the road.

  6. Two of our favourite places, and with a great drive in between. Have fun!

    1. Hi Carole and Mike! Yup - they are hard to beat aren't they!

  7. Superb photos as always and of road we will likely never travel. I'll bet the popcorn and chips were gone by the time you finished this post. I do know how long a blog post takes so....thanks for taking the time to do it. Always a pleasure to follow along with you.

  8. No Marfa lights! Too bad. I think Chris and Juan saw "something" the night they were there, but they had a few vodkas to help them along.

    I sure like the secondary roads you guys find. I will have to do more of that, Interstates are SO boring!

    1. Oh so that was it! We felt bad that they got to see them and we didn't! We only use the Interstates when we need to or want to make some time.

  9. I enjoy reading your blog but I keep thinking that you are heading to that cold weather. We are heading to Zihuatanejo tomorrow so I went back in your blog to see where you stayed. And to see if it was easy to get into.I did see the picture of the 5th wheel so I am sure we will have no problem. Happy Trails.

    1. Hi Gerry! I hope you get this message - I went to your blog but didn't see a way to contact you. I knew you would get there eventually - I have been following your travels up the coast! El Manglar is a great place and there will be lots of room. However they are doing road construction leading to Playa La Ropa. Best to find a place to park the RV and take the car to see about the road. The fifth wheel you see got in back in November. We got out ok as did our friends with a 5th wheel but they had to do the detour - a bit tight. Anyway - they may have completed a lot of the work since we left but best to check just in case.


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