Sunday, February 22, 2015


Even with our long drive on Thursday, we managed to arrive at the PNWF just after 4:30 pm.

This is a great stop along our trip because it's far enough away from Las Vegas and up into Nevada but is still quite warm compared to the temperatures further north.

We always see the Refuge as the dividing line between north and south. Once we leave Pahranagat we head into winter, often encountering snow - at least on the side of the road - from here home. 

The Refuge is unique in that it is a wetland area within the desert - it is filled with large cottonwood trees and migrating birds.

This is the sign to look for coming from the south on the 93. The Refuge is just south of the town of Alamo.

The entry. A quick stop to register. There is a box with a sign in book in it - they just want to know why you are visiting - i.e. fishing, hiking, camping etc. There are 14 first come first serve campsites - no services but it's free to camp for up to 14 days!

Nice to see some of the trees leafed out in late February.

Since we arrived just before 5:00 pm with a setting sun we went for a walk right away. 

We even found a new trail - the Davenport Trail - we decided to come back in the morning.

Thursday night sunset.

The campground sites are spread out along the east side of the lake. We go right to the end where there are three sites - one is accessible. We passed about 4 or 5 RVs on our way. The most challenging aspect of the campground is that it is right beside the highway, however during the night we don't hear the traffic.

Our usual spot at the end of the lake - Site #13.

Out for our Friday morning walk. It was cool - we are still adjusting to the cooler cold temperatures. What a difference a day makes from the heat of Buckeye and even Kingman up to this area.

LOVE the colours of the grasses, reeds and willow.

On our way to link up with the Davenport Trail - first down the riparian road area.

Then to the dirt road…

to the trail. Of all the Joshua Trees we have seen this is the first time we have walked by one.

Derek and Rufus are often much faster than Cassia and I - the dawdlers.

The end of the trail. It was good to for all of us to get a walk in after all the time in the van the day before and during the day to come.

Heading back to the van.

We packed up and headed out. We were back on the road at 9:30 am. Nice that it was still early because we had another long day of driving - our next destination was Jackpot, at the border of Nevada and Idaho.

Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge is always one of our favourite stops. Derek and I found it back in 2008 when we drove right by on our way to Death Valley. We didn't return but looked for it on our way up in the spring of 2011. The post from when we were there in March of 2012 is here.

From the Refuge our first stop has always been the warm springs at Ash Springs - a BLM site with an outdoor pool for soaking. Sadly, the warm springs are now closed indefinitely.

We spent all of Friday glued to our seats again. A day of Nevada in photos up next.



  1. We love that area and always travel through there on our way home. The quiet open spaces are so beautiful. Many people have said they find the country ugly and boring but they are wrong. I know you agree. Enjoy.

    1. WoW! I couldn't imagine calling the country ugly and boring - amazing! We love it all - always something to appreciate. This area is very beautiful!

  2. You guys are really moving. Have fun and be safe.

  3. Love that area and have always wanted to stop. However not sure we could being 40' and towing. Do you think we could stop for the night and then just drive on out or do we have to unhook to turn around and get out?

    1. We think you would have to unhook Contessa. There are a few sites along the lake that might work and our site at the end would be fine - but you would have to back in or even just pull in. But we don't think the area at the end would be large enough to turn around. However there is a circle so you might make it…..

  4. A very nice spot by the lake, and you are making great time. Too bad the hot springs were closed.


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