Thursday, February 12, 2015


After spending Friday night at the Del Rio Home Depot, Saturday afternoon we headed west to Langtry. 

One of the reasons we moved quickly from Eagle Pass to Del Rio was to stock up on on e-juice for Derek's e-cig. After more than three months in Mexico he was down to nothing. Saturday before heading out we stopped off at Del Rio Vapor to get him topped up. Nice guys, Derek was impressed with the guys and their products.

Then we carried on.

It was a grey day.

I take a picture here at the Amistad Reservoir every time we go by - dating back to spring 2008. 

I notice from the link above that I take the same pictures each year along this route. 
One of the things I love about Texas is the golden rock.

Going over the Pecos River. 
Last year we went up to the viewpoint - good thing we did it was a much nicer day.

Blue sky just as we arrived at our turn off into Langtry. We took it as a sign!
As in - welcome to your second home!

Our usual boondocking site at Langtry in the parking lot of the community center - by donation.

I didn't take pictures this time of the museum and visitor centre since I did that in detail last January - you can see that here at Langtry & Judge Roy Bean. We highly recommend this stop if you are along highway 90. Susan and Sarah - in the Visitor Center - are lovely ladies - we enjoy visiting with them each time we are by. 

Once we were parked, Cassia ran over to see if her friend Neal (Neally) from last January was home. He was and they were quickly playing together. Turns out we arrived on his 6th Birthday!

Cassia and Neally waiting for the Birthday Party to begin.

So, what are we to do when we happen upon a Birthday Party? Give cash of course …. Cassia and I rigged up an envelope with lined paper and electrical tape and a way we went.

A few fun games. Cassia was enjoying herself as it was the first large Birthday Party she has been to.

Fun! Digging out 5 pieces of pineapple covered with whipped cream and putting it into a second bowl. 

A little cool outside but not bad. Setting up the piñata.

The Birthday Boy starting with a few swings.

Later, Cassia's turn.

Candy scramble!

We had a great time at the party meeting all of Neally's friends and their parents from the local community. We appreciated that they included us in their celebration - a great dinner was supplied of salads, treats and hot dogs and hamburgers. And Birthday Cake of course! 

Neally's family was out Sunday until the afternoon. We got some computer time in at the Visitor Center but later Cassia was back over visiting. I wandered over and took pictures of Neally's animals.

While Cassia, Neally and Neally's sister Haley drove around.

Later they brought Cassia back to the van. As you can see, Cas wasn't too impressed that playtime was over and that we would be leaving the next day. I got a great picture of Cassia and Neally last January - scroll down to the last picture. So cute - they walked around holding hands back then. Such a polite kid - maybe we'll plan a family trip back here when Cas turns 18!

Later we went for our usual walk down into the river valley.

A nice warm evening.

Cassia going her own way to the top of the hill.

The plan was to spend one night in Langtry but as with most of our plans that ended up changing - to two nights. Last January we spent three nights. There is just something about this place that has a hold on us. Electricity and wifi at the visitor centre helps also.

I was a bit sad as we pulled out wondering when we'll be here again. 

Monday we carried on west through Sanderson and on to Marathon. Then a left turn on the 385 south to the Big Bend area.

Those pics next.



  1. Always nice to get back to familiar ground and see once more people you already know and remember! Looks like the kids had a great party as well! Someday, maybe you will return....who knows right!!

    Safe Travels

  2. I think the picture of Cassia laughing is the best one I have seen of her. Delightful and nice to see her and you both having fun with friends no matter where you stop.

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