Tuesday, February 3, 2015


We've been to Patzcuaro so many times now I'm running out of post titles.

Since we did more shopping the last few days then on any trip here that's what I went with.

With a few extra pesos in our pockets and not knowing when we'll be in Mexico again - we decided to seek out a few mementos for ourselves.

If there is a place to do that it's Patzcuaro. In the relatively small area of el centro there are plenty of shops and markets to get your fill.

Even though we were up early on Sunday and drove for four hours - we will still ready to head downtown in the afternoon.

In all we were in el centro Sunday afternoon, all day Monday and Tuesday morning. Rather than posting separately all the photos are below. Lots to see!

Since we took the combi this time rather than walk we entered el centro in a different spot. We saw an entry into a hotel and thought we'd check it out. Derek saw a price of 880 pesos - so that's around $73 for a room. 

While walking around looking at all of the shops and street sellers Cassia spied another horse.

We then headed over to the Basilica area.

I had read that there were artisans there. We were excited to find it as this was our first time in this area of el centro.

We love the streets of Patzcuaro - all are painted these colours.

Being Sunday - Plaza Vasco de Quiroga was very busy.

For dinner we went to our favourite taco stand at the central market. Love that they come with roasted potatoes and onion.

After that we returned home with the combi arriving around 6:00 pm. 

Just as we were leaving Monday morning to go back downtown I took this picture in our RV Park. It's like spring here with all of the blossoms.

Cassia heading to the orange tree.

Monday we stopped in at the Patzcuaro Public Library.

Barb from El Manglar has told me about the mural by Juan O'Gorman that we hadn't seen yet.

It's pretty amazing and traces the history of Michoacan from the Purhepecha creation story to the Revolution.

Then we hit a few of the more expensive shops. Nice to look.

With a lottery winning and a moving truck we could have done some serious damage!

Then back to the Basilica market for a sweater for Derek. He bought one but not from here. Actually at the stall he found a few he liked they actually went home to get more for him to look at. 

We also found a mask near by that we liked. Again - the one that we found was unpainted. We returned later and the carver had gone home to paint it for us.

We got the coyote or wolf in red. 

Cassia with one of her selections.

Later, returning to the main plaza, we rested from all the shopping with coffees, an italian soda and two pieces of cheesecake.

Derek's new sweater and scarf! He did well. Looking pretty hip now…..

Cassia got a few things along the way also. I too picked up a scarf.

Looking down at Derek and Cas at the House of 11 Patios

For lunch we were seeking Tortas - we found them at the central market.

Amazing sandwiches! I had the Milanesa….

and Derek the Cubana - we were more than full for 50 pesos!

On the way home from the Bodega we passed this new building and the dog keeping watch.

This morning we went back to el centro for a few hours. I had fallen in love with a necklace in a shop window yesterday and we thought to go and see it today. Sadly the shop wasn't open even close to lunch and the storekeeper next door said it doesn't open. 

While waiting we had coffee at the main Plaza. Here's Cassia with her Mexican Hot Chocolate. What a change going from beach temperatures to mountain weather. It even looked like snow was falling today. The forecast for today in Patzcuaro was for 15C with a low tonight of 4C. Brrrrr…..

At the shop next door I went to admire the work of Javier Servin that Barb had told me about. I was tempted but decided to pass on purchasing a piece. I'll save that for next time. 

We were home by noon as Derek wasn't feeling well and we had done as much as we could in the three days. 

Cas and I visited the little shop around the corner from us here at the RV Park this afternoon so that she could get a few lollipops for our trip north to the border. 

Which starts in earnest tomorrow morning.

From here we will drive full days with arrival into the USA anticipated for Friday. 

Because we don't' have a telcel stick this year you won't be hearing from us until we get there. We'll post on Facebook as soon as we can and have a post up of our trip within the first few days. Our first stop will be grocery shopping in Eagle Pass before we head west along the 277 and 90.

Fingers crossed that all goes well!

See you in Texas y'all!

If you want to see more of Patzcuaro - visit the posts from our 10 day stay which starts here and our  5 day stay last November which starts here.



  1. Shops everywhere!!! Could go broke there in no time!! Colorful though, and the food options....I love Cuban chicken sandwiches!!

    Safe Travels........

    1. Pretty dangerous BlackSheep - but actually it is REALLY expensive here. Not sure who is buying. We suspect that Patzcuaro gets a lot of tourists from Guadalajara and Mexico City. It's an amazing city!

  2. Looks like you improved the Mexican economy just a little bit! My goodness it sure looks like Cassia has grown!
    safe travels as you continue Northward...hope the border crossing goes well
    We will be watching for your next post from Texas!

    1. Yup - just a little bit. It does look like that in the pictures - probably because her jeans are flying high! We'll have to find her some new ones in the USA. The problem is that by the time they fit her waist they are two short - I think these jeans are for a 3 year old!

  3. How strange to see you guys in cold weather gear. That was a very interesting township. Colour-texture-food-MASS (I love masks, I have them in my courtyard along with my new obsession -mosaics. Check out my blog & u will see some. Have a safe trip to your next interesting destination. ...cheers....lesalp.blogspot.com.au

    1. Ya - strange for us to have it on Leslie! Quite the adjustment…… We now have two masks - the other from a few nights ago at the beach - looks like we have a collection now.

  4. Get ready for some higher costs in the US! Gas is cheap but because of the dollar, everything else is high. Maybe bring a few days worth of groceries up with you.

  5. Amazing mural at the library. Safe travels.

  6. Lots of fun exploring, now on the road again. safe travels.

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